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I‘ve always had a bit of a love affair with British seaside towns. The twee buildings, windy piers and little stalls selling seashells, seafood and of course, traditional rock, make me happy and transport me back to sunny childhood days on the beach.

Despite my girls being teenagers, it’s not often that Adam and I get the chance to spend time away from home without them. I’d been invited on a press trip to the Lake District so excitedly managed to secure a babysitter for the night and made plans for a weekend of downtime.

But alas, it didn’t quite go to plan. The week before we were due to visit, I received an email from the PR explaining that there had been an issue with our accommodation and they couldn’t offer an alternative.

Disheartened, I was ready to cancel when Adam suggested that we should probably make the most of having childcare and find somewhere else to go. We toyed with the idea of going back to York or Chester but I feel like we’d ‘done’ them both. That’s when Adam suggested Llandudno, North Wales.

My one and only visit to Llandudno was circa 2017 when I went for the day as part of a work event so didn’t really get the chance to look around, however, I do remember saying to Adam that I’d like to go back again properly one day so off we went.

Here’s what we got up to:

Stayed in a beautiful hotel

We’d looked at several hotels online but they seemed a little dated, as is typical of most British seaside towns. I know there’s an argument for ‘you only sleep there so what does it matter’ but whenever Adam and I go away, we do tend to spend our evenings in the hotel with food and film (because we are clearly v. rock and roll).

Adam spotted Belmont online so I shopped around and found us a sea view room for £103 per night via Booking.com. The hotel had recently been renovated so I was happy to pay a little extra for modern accommodation, given that we’d be spending a fair chunk of time in the room. We arrived mid-afternoon on a Saturday and checked in before exploring the town.

Our room was at the front of the hotel and boasted lovely views over Llandudno pier and bay, as promised. The room was small but cosy and had all of the usual perks, such as tea and coffee making facilities, a nice bathroom with a tub and shower and, rather oddly, a pair of binoculars (which we used to ‘spy’ on dogs running along the beach because again, we are so rock and roll LOL).

There was no parking at the hotel but we managed to find a council car park about a five-minute walk away with overnight parking for £6. We didn’t eat at the hotel as breakfast was £25 for two people, instead opting for trusty Wetherspoons breakfast for about a fiver.

On that note, if you’re ever in Llandudno and fancy a pit-stop, The Palladium is located in an old 1920s theatre and is the prettiest ‘spoons I ever did see.

Belmont sea view hotel Llandudno Wales That British Betty Blog

Enjoyed the sunshine

We left Manchester in the middle of a rainstorm so after what happened in Amsterdam last year, I decided to go down the practical route, reluctantly swapping my polka dot wrap dress for a mismatched but cosy ensemble of ankle boots, skinny jeans, a jumper and v. fetching pink ‘Mum’ raincoat.

About an hour into the drive, the skies cleared and, by the time we crossed the Welsh border, the sun was shining. It seemed that my wardrobe change was unnecessary after all; hurrah for unpredictable British weather.

Llandudno Pier is Grade ll listed and the longest pier in Wales so we took advantage of the weather and spent most of our afternoon taking in the (slightly overcast) views of the Victorian seaside coastline from the far end of the pier with a coffee and obligatory Welsh cakes.

Llandudno Pier Wales That British Betty Blog

Went on a vintage bus tour

I’d had a look for things to do in Llandudno ahead of our trip and came across a company who provide heritage bus tours. I flipping love vintage transport so pre-paid £7 for Adam and I take a one hour tour on the vintage Routemaster 999 bus.

The pickup point was literally outside our hotel – v. handy. We sat on the top deck with around 20 other passengers and drove across the coast towards Little Orme. Our guide was lovely and informative, giving a live commentary throughout.

After about twenty minutes, we made a pit stop at the Chapel of St Trillo; this is thought to be one of the smallest chapels in the UK and had just six seats inside. It was built in the middle ages and still boasts a ‘Holy Well’ underneath the altar which is said to contain healing properties.

We then jumped back on board and enjoyed the rest of the tour, spotting Alice in Wonderland sculptures and beautiful mountain views – complete with goats – along the way.

Heritage Bus Tour Llandudno Wales That British Betty Blog

*Adam took 19 pictures of me with the bus; I have my eyes closed in every single one of them because I’m incapable of posing apparently

Got lucky

Adam and I both love a good punt in the seaside arcades so as I walked past a teddy grab machine on the pier, I stuck a pound in – and won on the second try.

This has never happened before so I was rather chuffed with my new stuffed dragon gains. We also had a play on the penny machines and cashed in the tokens for random souveniers, fridge magnets and sweets at the arcade shop.

The next morning, I’d woken up early and couldn’t settle as Adam slept so decided to crack open a creme egg we’d bought from a petrol station on the drive up and had forgotten about (standard weekend breakfast yeah?).

As I opened the wrapper as quietly as I could, I noticed that the chocolate egg was white. It took me a second to remember that Cadbury had launched a competition and a little golden ticket inside informed me that the egg was worth £50; a nice treat and covered almost half of the hotel fee.

We only stayed in Llandundo for one night so didn’t have much time to explore the cable cars and loads of other stuff in the area but will be back again in summer so hopefully, can share even more with you then.

White Creme Egg Cadbury Llandudno Wales That British Betty Blog

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  • Lyd

    Llandudno is one of my faaave places, we used to go about 8 times a year and I’d spend hours crabbing and finding fossils! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit. Walk up the Little Orme next time you go, you might be lucky enough to spot seals playing in the shallows.

    07/04/2019 at 5:48 pm Reply
  • Petra

    I’ve been to Llandudno before and I remember walking up the hill and then having these lovely views of the town. I think we also stayed one night and didn’t see all the attractions. Later I found out about some tunnels there worth visiting so now I want to go back and see the things I missed the first time!

    31/03/2019 at 10:00 pm Reply
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