COSMO Manchester | Review

COSMO Manchester Review That British Betty Blog

*Our meal was provided free of charge, however, all words and opinions are my own as usual 

For those of you that haven’t heard of it before, COSMO is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant chain with the Manchester branch located on Deansgate. They’ve gone for a luxe industrial style of decor and first impressions were good as Adam and I were led to our table.

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The Beauty Of The Blogging Community

The Beauty of the Blogging Community That British Betty Blog

The blogging industry has had its fair share of negative press in recent years. Some of it is quite justified and some of it, not so much. I began blogging properly in 2014. It started out as a very organic ‘Dear Diary’ page and I had no idea about things such as SEO, outreach, press trips and all of the other dimensions involved in the world of blogging.

One thing that I had never imagined back then was how I’d make some solid friendships through this community. If you scroll through Twitter, you could easily be led to believe that bloggers are a competitive, nasty bunch of ‘Mean Girl’ types who would happily step over one another to get their ‘blagger’ mitts on a £5 PR sample.

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Eylure Lashes | Review

Eylure Exaggerate Lashes Review That British Betty Blog - 1

*These lashes were gifted, however, all opinions and words are my own as always 

When it comes to beauty, I’m admittedly rather lazy. I admire the beauty bloggers of Instagram but I’m just not very creative on that front and don’t have the patience to faff around with fiddley makeup tools.

My girls, on the other hand, have both mastered the art of a cut crease and often spend hours applying makeup, leaving the house looking like supermodels ‘just because’. They both have lash extensions which look great but they’re not an option for me for various reasons, including the expense and the fact that my eyes are hideously sensitive.

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What I Learnt From Quitting Facebook

What I Learnt From Quitting Facebook That British Betty Blog - 1

Last year, I decided to take a break from Facebook. This was due to several different reasons and I wanted to start the New Year with a clear head. My Facebook feed had slowly become a place of negativity and bad news, an outlet for people to share gripes and verbally attack those whose views didn’t match their own.

It was also filled with faces that I barely recognised, who’d I’d once met via a friend or work and politely accepted their friend request, yet had very little in common with. I mean, yes you can mute people if you don’t want to see their content but it kind of defies the point, don’t you think?

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