Water Your Own Grass

Water Your Own Grass That British Betty Blog

It’s easy to glance at your social media channels and assume that everyone else is living a better life than you are. The filters can be deceiving though and it’s important to remind yourself that most of the time, you’re not seeing the full picture; it’s just a carefully curated feed that’s intended to create exactly that illusion.
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Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar | Review

Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar Review That British Betty Blog

I‘m sure that we’re all aware by now that plastic is bad news for our environment. After watching various documentaries and reading reports on just how much our human habits are rapidly fucking up the planet in a big way, I knew I had to do something – I just wasn’t entirely sure what.

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Tatton Park’s Farm | Buckt

Buckt Tatton Park's Farm Cheshire That British Betty Blog

*My Buckt box was provided free of charge as part of an ongoing collaboration, however, all opinions are my own as usualΒ 

Another month, another Buckt box. As usual, our duo box contained five new activities across the North West for us to experience (if you missed it and are wondering what I’m on about, you can read my introduction to Buckt here).

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