Our Trip To Amsterdam | Part Two *NSFW

Our Trip To Amsterdam | Part Two *NSFW

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Day 3

Dotted around Amsterdam were statues of the iconic Dutch white bunny, Miffy to celebrate her 60th birthday. Each one was decorated individually by different local artists; my childlike excitement took over when we saw a row of these awesome creations in the main square!


The Diamond museum was our first planned stop of the day. I worked as jeweller many years ago and still hold that passion and fascination for the industry; the facts and history in particular.

I spent a fair while fawning over jewels that were worth more than my house and car combined! Rich in history and incredible to look at, I really was in my element.

I took a peek in the Tiffany room and fell in love with a stunning emerald ring worth a ‘mere’ 9,500 euro – maybe Father Christmas will be kind this year?


We took a tour of the Sex Museum which was an eye opener. It’s crazy how sex has been perceived throughout the ages, it’s history and how much things have changed. The chastity belts and humongous toys in particular were somewhat terrifying!


The notorious Red Light District was next. Bustling with both tourists and punters alike, it was certainly a popular spot. The ladies in the windows were not as I had imagined them to be. I think I expected supermodel-like vixens but they were just ordinary women in a variety of ages and nationalities; the kind of ladies you’d expect to see at work or in the supermarket.

I actually felt a little sad to be honest, watching men purchasing prostitutes by the hour and seeing the curtains close, wondering if they had an unsuspecting spouse waiting at home but I guess that’s a debate for another day.

We took a peek in a few of the many, many sex shops in the area. This gave us a few giggles and they really do cater for just about every taste. Some of the collections were very specific and the dildo with Adams name on it was rather amusing!


A few streets away, we came across a bridge filled with ‘love locks’ as in Paris. We decided to purchase one of our very own and leave a little legacy in Amsterdam with the date and our names.


After walking countless miles, we decided to spend the rest of the evening in the hotel garden, drinking far too much booze thanks to the generous hotel staff. We wrapped up in blankets and played a rather aggressive game of snap by candlelight! True story.

Day 4

Given that the weather was still pretty vile, we headed to the international tattoo convention to stay indoors. This was hardly a chore to be fair and I did suspect that I may come away with tattoo number 24!  It was good to see a lot of respected tattoo artists there, alongside classic cars and some more traditional (painful looking) tattooing techniques. Oh, and I did indeed invest in a little souvenir. How cute is this anchor?


The next day, we boarded our plane home at 7am. I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to Amsterdam. It reminded me too much of a weekend at home in rainy Manchester and was very different to how I had imaged it would be. We did, however, have fun and made some interesting memories! Now I’m off to plan our next adventure! ♡




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