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Why We Decided To Elope

Why_We_Decided_To_Elope_NYC_New_York_City_Hall_Brooklyn-That-British-Betty-Blog (1)

I’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about the fact that Adam and I eloped to NYC in 2016 to get wed but realised that I never really touched upon why. With our second wedding anniversary just around the corner, I thought I’d share our reasons with you.

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Exploring New York City

As most of my regular readers will already know, Adam and I recently enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime in New York City. Of course, a trip to the ‘Big Apple’ is pretty exciting in itself but the main purpose of this particular adventure was to tie the knot – an occasion that very nearly didn’t happen after an eventful first day…

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Meow Parlour Cat Cafe | New York City

The Meow Parlour Cat Cafe New York City That British Betty Blog

Cat Cafe. Two words that will strike utter joy and delight into the heart of any foodie feline fanatic. If you haven’t heard of this concept before, a cat cafe is pretty much what it says on the tin! They have become massively popular over the last few years and, after originating in Japan, have gradually made their way over to the UK.

My regular readers (and long-suffering family members) will already know that I’m a cat lady to the core – a fact that I am rather proud of! So much so, that when my very first local cat cafe announced that they were opening their doors in Manchester last year and looking for staff, I was one of the first in the queue!

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Mr & Mrs Valentine | Our NYC Elopement

Mr & Mrs Valentine NYC Elopement Brooklyn Wedding That British Betty Blog

That British Betty has been rather neglected of late, however, I do have a pretty good reason for this. If you follow my various social media channels, then you will know that Adam and I are now officially married! It’s been a chaotic, amazing few weeks of travel, planning, jet lag, work and partying; I’ve hardly been online this month, which is a rarity for me.

On 10 October 2016, Adam and I hopped on a plane and headed to New York City to tie the knot. I’ll fill you guys in properly on the whole trip soon but I just couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to share our big day on here as soon as I could get near my laptop again.

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