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A Little Life Update


Evening! How are you? You may have noticed (or not) that I’ve been a little lacking on the old blog and social media front recently. I’ve had a few people ask what’s going on and if I’ve given up blogging altogether. I haven’t. I mean, how could I?

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A People Pleaser In Revolt


I’d been a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. You see, I learned early on in life that it was simply easier to keep the peace than risk confrontation and daring to challenge other people’s bad behaviour only leads to misery. It inadvertently became part of my core being to placate others and most of my decisions were based on what would make them happy or comfortable. Right there, a ‘Yes Girl’ was born.

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Why I Like Getting Older

Why I Like Getting Older That British Betty Blog - 1

This week, I officially hit my mid-thirties and it made me reflect on just how much has changed in the past decade. These days, I happily opt for nights in with a cup of tea and the cats over brightly-coloured shots and loud clubs. In fact, the mere idea of binge drinking makes me cringe (and dry-heave a bit).

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