An Evening With Dior at Club Brass | Manchester

An Evening With Dior at Club Brass | Manchester

Last week, I headed into Manchester with the lovely Anoushka from Anoushka Loves to an event hosted by Dior at Club Brass, Hotel Gotham.

I’m not going to lie – my inner geek was doing cartwheels! I have wanted to take a peek inside this exquisite, Art-Deco venue since they opened their doors on King Street in April 2015.

The private Club Brass membership fees are out of my budget at the moment so I could not wait to get through the doors and have a nosy; it did not disappoint! Set in an old bank vault, it oozed with class, exclusivity and glamour a la The Great Gatsby. The rooftop terrace was an incredible way to view my beloved city of Manchester and I have now added a weekend break at Hotel Gotham to my bucket list – the different themed suites look truly stunning and the attention to detail is impeccable.


Club Brass 1 That British Betty

We were greeted with a glass of bubbly and a goodie bag. As Anoushka and I settled in, we were introduced to the lovely staff of Dior, Selfridges. The Dior candles dotted around the room created a luxurious, cosy atmosphere and provided a treat for the senses.

La Collection Privée Christian Dior is a very special collection of sophisticated fragrances. Daring, bold and utterly unique. Now I have never been too bothered about posh brands before. My usual fragrances tend to range from £25-£60 and are mainly purchased from the high street or duty-free.

A  gentleman from Dior, London began to talk us through this collection. Each item in this special range has a story behind it’s inspiration, which I found genuinely fascinating. Maybe there really is much more to this ‘fancy fragrance malarkey’ than I ever realised.

The passion that goes into every creation is obvious, from the hand picked flowers and fruits through to the history behind them. It is bizarre how many smells can be in one little bottle and how they transport you instantly to a happy memory, a person or place.

Club Brass 2 That British Betty
We were first introduced to the classic New Look 1947.

On 12th February 1947, Christian Dior hosted his first ever fashion show at the now legendary 30 Avene Montaigne, Paris. A fresh new trend of bright colours and flower women, it was a revelation of the post-war times. The chief editor of Harpers Bazaar exclaimed: “It’s a new look!” and the iconic Dior style that we all know today was born.

An ultra-feminine and floral fragrance, infused with tuberose. This fragrance didn’t appeal to me personally, however, I admire the way Dior have managed to perfectly capture the scent.

Over the course of the next few hours, we were given several different fragrances to test. This is a small collection of the ones we got to sample:

Gris Montaigne  

It was pointed out to us that all of Dior boutiques, along with it’s famous couture house, are saturated with grey decor. The reason? Grey is the perfect background to showcase the exquisite works created, really making any other colours ‘pop’.

Along with the Couture Grey featured in the collections since 1947 and the grey of Christian Dior’s family home in Granville, this fragrance has managed to capture a colour within a scent.

Containing citrus with a floral heart of Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac, followed by woody notes, heightened with Indonesian Patchouli set against an ambery backdrop of mos. This was a feminine scent again but with a touch of masculinity once the fragrance had ‘warmed’ on the skin.

Ciur Carnage

Cuir Cannage is a diverse fragrance. The perfumer wanted to recreate the smells that are found within a woman’s handbag. Yes, you read that correctly…

In an impressive twist, the scent was very much on target with it’s goal. Soft floral notes blended with the density of leather opened up an utterly unique creation. With fruity notes of a lipstick tinged with Rose and Violet, along with the warmth of tobacco, it was a journey back into childhood.

This is a very intimate, sensual fragrance and although it isn’t something I’d wear, I was utterly amazed that they had managed to capture something so usual in a little glass bottle.

I was definitely starting to change my previous opinion on fragrance and began to understand the complexities behind the creations – it really is an art form.


An homage to Christian Diors childhood home in Granville, Normandy. Surrounded by pine trees, this was the inspiration behind this fresh, invigorating and aromatic fragrance. It reminded me of walking through a forest on a rainy day. An unusual fragrance yet very powerful, undoubtedly fuelled by nature. Another nod to the life and history of the great designer himself.

Oud Ispahan

Upon his travels, Christian Dior became fascinated by the scents of the Orient. Perfumer François Demachy has now created a stunning fragrance to honour that. An ode to Oud blended with Labdanum Absolute, Oud Ispahan elegantly affirms its oriental identity.

Now this was the one for me – it was love! I have never been so intoxicated with a fragrance before. It’s musky scent has me interested immediately. A very sensual smell, I had images of rolling around in luxurious silks in the desert with a string of Arabian gents following behind! Absolutely beautiful and for me, this summed up the class and luxury that is at the very heart of couture fashion.

These are sold exclusively in Dior boutiques. I have forgotten the exact costs because I am rubbish (approx £150 – £250 each) but I’d definitely save these for Christmas and birthday treats. I am seriously contemplating investing in my favourite – Oud Ispahan. Now to go plead with the bank manager…

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