A Trip To The Seaside | The Weekend Post

A Trip To The Seaside | The Weekend Post

By the time Friday evening rolled around, I was rather tired from a busy week yet knew I had an even busier weekend ahead and a house full of chores to deal with. Adulting sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

In an effort to be more productive, I had grand plans to blitz my home as soon as I got in from work at around 6pm. After cooking tea, I found myself inexplicably stuck to the sofa, getting lost in the world of Pinterest (the lure of fantasy home images, unachievable fashions and sugary quotes gets me every single time). Seriously, I think my sofa may have suddenly developed some kind of magnetic superpowers as I struggled to move, no matter how hard I tried…

Before I knew it, my little bout of procrastination had lasted for a couple of hours and it was fast approaching 9pm. After muttering a few swear words, I forced myself into the kitchen and sighed at the pile of washing up that was waiting for me (along with two hungry cats).

Last week, we also had our new dishwasher plumbed in; we’ve actually had said dishwasher for over a year but getting it up and running ended up being one of those little jobs that we kept putting off until ‘next weekend’ and never getting round to. Anyhow, I loaded it up, hit the magic button and voila! At that very moment, I realised that the hours I’d wasted every week on washing up by hand could have been expelled months ago had we not put off that one little task for so long. What a revelation! (My life is thrilling, I know)

After falling into bed at midnight, I was already up bright and early by the time the alarm went off at 8am. With the weather taking a distinct turn for the worst in Lancashire the week before, I was optimistically hoping for a little bit of sunshine on Saturday as we had planned a rare family road trip to the seaside.

As much as I love our adventures abroad (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), there’s something wonderfully nostalgic about a trip to the British seaside, isn’t there? By 10am, we’d arrived in Blackpool to find that the sunshine had decided to join us after all – hurrah!

The first stop on our agenda was the SEA LIFE Centre (review to follow) before making a pit stop for fish and chips. Seriously, you can’t go to the seaside and not have fish and chips; it’s the law (or should be). We wandered over to the beach only to find that the tide was in, so decided to spend some time in the arcades instead.

A Trip To The Seaside The Weekend Post Blackpool SEALIFE That British Betty Blog

I gave the kids £5 each and told them that whoever could make the most money/win the most items, was the ‘winner’ (see, quality parenting skills right there – gambling and entrepreneurial skills rolled into one). After converting the cash into a mountain of 2p coins, they became hell-bent on outdoing each other and, after two hours, came out with a combined haul of 31 key rings and badges (that will no doubt fall apart in a few days but still…)

By now, the beach was slowly filling up with like-minded locals – and donkeys – so we grabbed an ice-cream and lazed on the sand for a little while. People watching is one of my favourite things to do but before I knew it, another hour had passed and it was time to leave.

Granted, Blackpool is no longer the idyllic location that I remember from my childhood (circa 27 years ago and something to do with growing up maybe…) but we had a great day regardless. As long as you can look past the hoards of hens/stags and brown less than blue seawater, it’s a pretty great place to visit.

A Trip To The Seaside The Weekend Post Blackpool That British Betty Blog

Sunday morning was spent in church. No, I haven’t done a complete turnaround and gone back to the Christian teachings of my childhood (as an adult, I chose not to follow a religion, instead opting for a ‘Don’t Be A Dick‘ kind of ethos instead – it’s working out ok so far). Remember when I told you about my sister’s baby shower last year? Well, that baby is now my 7-month-old niece and on Sunday, she was welcomed into her parent’s Christian fellowship with a lovely dedication ceremony.

Afterwards, we spent time with friends and family and headed home – after a slight diversion to Lancaster! Due to train strikes and the ever-reliable (!) local Metrolink service being abruptly suspended with no notice, a couple of our family members found themselves stranded in North Manchester and facing the prospect of travelling over five hours on various buses to get home.

Of course, Adam and I swiftly offered to drive them back instead (this is where my ‘Don’t Be A Dick‘ logic comes in) and embarked on an impromptu adventure for a few hours. It actually turned into a lovely drive through the gorgeous English countryside and I got back just in time to meet up with some friends at a local pub.

I hadn’t seen these guys for about two moths prior to our catch up but it felt like a lifetime ago. So much has changed in just a short space of time and, despite only intending to nip out for an hour or so, it quickly turned into a three and a half hour session (minus the booze sadly – I stuck to soft drinks as I’m a complete lightweight and can’t cope with the consequences of drinking alcohol on a ‘school night’!)

After getting my obligatory stuff out of the way (making lunches for working, ironing etc), I rolled into bed and it felt like I’d barely closed my eyes before another busy Monday morning was upon us.

How was your weekend?

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