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Life Lately | February Pinch, punch, first of the month! White rabbits! *insert another cliche ‘First Day of the Month’ phrase here* Yes, it’s officially March so in keeping with my usual ‘Life Lately’ posts, here’s what I got up to in February.

Booked a trip to Amsterdam

My eldest daughter turns 18 (!) this year and we’ve been deliberating for months about how to mark the occasion. I offered to host a party but Megan vetoed that idea. She then suggested a weekend away, just the two of us, so we compiled a list of potential places. London? Too expensive. Ibiza? I’ll let her discover that delight with her mates. Manchester? Too close to home. New York? S/A.

Megan had mentioned that she’d like to go to Amsterdam but personally, I wasn’t too taken with the city on my last trip. I priced it up out of curiosity and managed to find an absolute bargain (£43 return flights anyone?) so, in a rare moment of absurdity, I booked us a three-day mini-break to the ‘Dam.

I have endured a few eye rolls from some people whenever this is mentioned, implying that we’ll be spending her 18th birthday getting stoned and partying in the red light district. I mean, I’m a fairly young mum but even I’m not quite that irresponsible! We’ll just take A-class drugs and get face tattoos instead*.

*I’m taking the piss, obvs.

Early nights

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you guys are but here in the North West of England, it has been cold. Really, really cold (it was -7° yesterday)! Granted, the evenings have been lighter (well, until 5pm at least) but the temperature seems to have plummeted. My daughter left her hot water bottle in my bed a few weeks ago which was a welcome surprise so I swiftly claimed it as my own (you snooze, you lose).

I’ve found myself in Turbo Hibernation mode this month with little desire to do much else but sleep. This means that most evenings, I tend to trudge off to bed early just to stay warm and allow the dark nights to pass me by. Bring on summer.

Life Lately February 2018 That British Betty Blog

Went to the theatre 

I’d been invited to the press showing of an award-winning new musical ‘Teddy’ so I made my way to the Lowry Theatre after work one evening and settled in for a night of rock and roll.

I’d taken my sister along as my ‘plus one’ and we ended up sat next to ‘Auntie Beth’ of Coronation Street fame, along with ‘Angie’ and ‘Dev’ (and my good blogging buddy Donna – not of Corrie fame, however, a wonderful writer and all-round nice person. You should totally read her blog).

The show itself was gritty and utterly transfixing (you can find the full review here). A few days after I posted my review online, Edwina Currie retweeted it and disagreed with almost every word I’d written – does this mean I’ve finally I’ve made it? 😆

Enjoyed a ‘staycation’ 

Adam and I enjoyed a belated Valentines Day weekend together in Manchester, with a night at the Hilton Hotel and a couple of days of geeky goodness, from VR and retro gaming to a cinema-fest and bowling at All Star Lanes. Oh and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. We’re very exciting these days, don’t you know?

My Facebook memories informed me that we’d been doing exactly the same thing this time last year, just at a different hotel (the Marriott Victoria and Albert, which I loved) so maybe it’s becoming an accidental tradition. Not that I’m complaining like; we could work our way around all of the ‘posh’ Manchester hotels over the course of the next decade or two!

How was your February?

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  1. Donna
    9th March 2018 / 5:14 pm

    Ahhhh, you sweetheart you! <3 Just been catching up on your life lately and spotted a cheeky little mention!

    I think Amsterdam is a great place to visit for an 18th. There's so many cultured places you can go to, as well as places you can go for a giggle and just think of the memories. I'm sure you'll have a blast!


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