Nostalgic Nights In

Nostalgic Nights In When the weather gets cooler, I habitually turn into a bit of a hamster and hibernate as much as I can. Well, on weekends at least. Not sure the boss would be happy with me rocking up in my pyjamas and slippers on a Monday morning but I’m happy to test the waters with that one.

Growing up, one of my favourite things to do was play computer games; a hobby that happily goes hand in hand with the colder nights. Having a dad who was – and still is –  big into his consoles is what initially introduced me to this glorious pastime and a genuine love of gaming was quickly born.

The early nineties was a much simpler time (I know, that makes me sound about 86 years old. ‘Back in my day…’). The internet was in its infancy and reserved for the elite, there was no such thing as social media and ten-year-old Lisa was way more interested in the Commodore 64 than boys. What else was a girl to do but spend her weekends being a bad-ass hero in Streets of Rage, eh?

I spent my time challenging my younger sister to a cheeky game of Golden Axe and wasting a good day or two trying to boss Dr Robotnik. We’d get cosy in our PJs and eat our entire body weight in Rainbow Drops and Angel Delight.


Of course, this was all balanced out with trips to Heaton Park, baiting squirrels with monkey nuts and attempting to climb trees, but as the days got darker, I’d point black refuse to leave the house, opting to spend the majority of my weekend firmly indoors where I could stay dry and warm.

My beloved Sega MegaDrive, and later on, the Master System II, always had a special place in my heart. I’ll forever be a Sega nerd through and through and I joke with Adam that I’m not even trying to be a hipster, it just comes naturally (Retro gaming – check. Tattoos – check. Likes cats – check.) Even now, as a fully-fledged adult, anything 8/16-bit related gives me the flutters.

I actually still own a Sega Master System II console but the lead and controller needs replacing and it’s one of those tasks that you never quite seem to get around to, like the bottom of the laundry basket or hoovering your car.

When I spotted this Xbox One Sega Classic game via Studio, I just couldn’t resist taking a trip down memory lane. I rounded up the troops and planned a nostalgic night in. I was curious to see what my own daughters would make of the retro games that I look back on with such fondness.


We had plenty of snacks prepared, donned our favourite pyjamas and settled in for the night. On a slight side note, since Studio kindly gifted me my very own personalised dressing gown earlier this year, Lucie has sneakily claimed it as her own when I’m not at home, despite it ACTUALLY HAVING MY NAME ON IT! I know this thanks to the tell-tale fake tan stains. Aren’t teenagers ace?

With frequent cries of, ‘Stop touching my stuff!’ and threats of her being grounded flying about, I ordered the girls a personalised dressing gown each to prevent any future nightwear-induced family feuds from occurring. No excuses now!

Anyhow, back to the gaming. It turns out that Alex the Kidd is much, much harder than I remembered. However, one bonus of playing these games on a modern console is not having to blow on the cartridges every hour or so to make them work properly and having the option to save the game is a bit of a lifesaver (if you know, you know).

The girls actually got right into the spirit of it all and we even turned it into a mammoth family competition, with a makeshift scoreboard and everything. We’ve now vowed to make it a regular thing so I’d better get practising and sharpen up my rusty skills!


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