Board Games, Baking and Early Bedtimes

Board Games, Baking and Early Bedtimes With the cold weather creeping back in, all I felt like doing last weekend is sleeping. Or more accurately, hibernating. As I’ve mentioned (more than once) over on Twitter, we recently invested in an electric blanket and it has changed my life! You know, because once you pass the ripe old age of 30, these things become important.

However, with a full-time job and kids to feed, it’s not really practical to spend the entire winter season in bed (much to my disappointment) so on Saturday, I dragged myself up and decided to indulge in a spot of baking.

I’d spotted this recipe from Elsa Eats on Twitter earlier in the week so attempted to make my very first batch of Fifteens. This traditional Northern Irish traybake is so simple to make – seriously, you just use 15 of each of the main ingredients, hence the name – and ideal for St Patrick’s Day!

Adam and I were both feeling a bit ropy so decided to take it easy for the afternoon and challenged the kids to road test two new board games we’d been gifted.

Staccups Board Game Review That British Betty Blog

Staccups* is a game of speed and coordination and I went in fairly confident with this one. The premise of the game is to get rid of your cups before your opponent. Not as simple as sounds when you factor in a few other rules.

Begin by pressing the button on the base to be given a colour. You then have to match the colour on the top of your cups with this one. Oh and you need to have a close eye on the other players as it’s pretty easy for them to cheat!

After getting my head around the rules, it was simple enough to play but I just wasn’t quick enough so ended up losing every single time (we had five games…)

Word Has It* was another one that I was sure I’d smash. Words are my thing guys! Erm, wrong. With this one, you have to build the longest word you can think of within a set amount of time. Not just random words, of course, but ones prompted by a ‘category card’ and a first letter is also supplied via a spinner.

There are a few helpful features of this game, such as special cards that allow players an extra 40 seconds or a ‘Any Letter’ card to allow the chosen player to pick any letter to play in the category.Each piece is three-sided with a letter on each and stacks together easily enough.

In a replay of the Staccups defeat, I lost each game of Word Has It! quite spectacularly. So after all that, it seems doing tasks under pressure and ‘on the clock’ just doesn’t work well for me – story of my life. It did, however, provide a great afternoon of tech-free family time!

Word Has It Board Game Review That British Betty Blog

After that, we decided to call it a day. I got back in to bed with the excuse that I had to be up at 6am on Sunday (!) to travel to Liverpool for the Celebrity Makeup Masterclass event with Debenhams Beauty (which we had to cancel as the vile weather meant there were no buses running and my car was snowed in – gutted is an understatement).

How was your weekend?

Edit: it turns out that my sleepiness wasn’t solely due to being a lazy cow – I’ve been absolutely battered by a virus and have spent the last couple of days sleeping/nodding off by with my head down the toilet bowl. Bleugh! 

*Contains PR samples

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