Our Family Christmas Traditions

Our Family Christmas Traditions

We all have them. You know, those little festival rituals that make Christmas feel like…well, Christmas! 

I actually suggested giving up a few of ours this year, now that the kids are both teenagers. You’d have thought I’d have magically morphed into The Grinch from their horrified reaction!


As a child, the best part of Christmas morning was opening my eyes to discover that the stocking I’d hopefully hung on the end of my bed had been magically filled with gifts.

This is a tradition that I began with my girls when they were tiny and has continued ever since. Now that Megan is 16 years old, I suggested that we omit Christmas stockings this year and instead, I could use the money saved to buy them a more substantial gift.

They were both genuinely upset at the idea, so it looks like this one is here to stay!

Food for Santa

Every Christmas Eve, we leave an obligatory plate of goodies by the fireplace for the big man and his helpers to tuck in to. Carrots, mince pies and a glass of milk are our usual choice, however, this has varied depending on how organised I’ve been. I’m sure Rudolph enjoyed the cauliflower we left out in 2005…


I am a bookworm by nature so naturally, when my girls came along, I read to them from the very beginning. My book of choice was ‘The Night Before Christmas’  as, for me, it’s a classic and takes me back to my own childhood. Once a year, we all clamber into my huge bed and spend a little while reading together. This is my personal favourite of all our traditions.


At around 7pm on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas somehow manages to sneak into our home un-noticed and place a brand new pair of festive pyjamas on each of our beds.


There’s no nicer feeling than waking up on Christmas morning to a tidy and fresh home – until we fill it with mountains of dirty pots and discarded wrapping paper by midday!

Vileda* kindly provided us with everything we need to get the house spic and span this year, leaving us with pennies to buy some extra luxuries. Hello rum!

There’s not much you can say about sponges, dish cloths, mops and a dustpan and brush really – or so I thought! The sponge is amazing for getting the bathroom squeaky clean rapidly and the dustpan is the first one I’ve ever used that finally gets to all of those pesky bits that usually get left behind or stuck in the grooves of our wooden flooring (festive glitter, I’m looking you)


Once the gifts are wrapped, the food shopping has been done and work is over for a few days, Christmas Eve is family time. We all congregate in the living room, light our favourite candles, make a pan of hot chocolate and enjoy a movie or two. My favourites have to be Elf, Love Actually, Home Alone 2 and National Lampoon’s Vacation. Bonus points for anybody else who watches Ernest Saves Christmas (and loves it as much as I do!)

Tell me, what are your favourite festive traditions?

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