Bringing Summer Indoors This Winter

Bringing Summer Indoors This Winter

It’s no secret that winter is my least favourite season; the cold, dark nights and dreary weather makes me pretty miserable.

I tend to hibernate from October until April and spend most of my free time shut firmly indoors in my cosiest pyjamas and fleece slippers (how very rock and roll, huh?). Even the cats dislike the colder months and tend to join me in my winter moping sessions.

To temporarily pull me out of this funk/stop me grumbling and enjoy a ‘shot of summer’ in the middle of this near-constant rain we’ve been having in Manchester (you’d think that I’d be used to it by now), the girls and I popped our Barcelona playlist on and decided to recreate one of the many beach picnics we enjoyed on La Mar Bella beach back in August.

We stocked up on our favourite food and laid a beach towel on the living room floor – complete with seashells to give an authentic, carefree feel! I also whipped up a batch of non-alcoholic cocktails to really get us in the mood for a siesta (750ml pineapple juice, 400ml tonic water, juice of 1 lime and plenty of ice).

Summer Picnic That British Betty Blog

It turns out that I’m not alone either. 77% of us Brits spend more time indoors during winter than they do in summer and 72% of people dislike getting out of bed when it’s chilly in the morning (I’m very much pro-hibernation too), according to a recent study by E.ON.

Gabby Allen of Love Island fame also recommends getting proper insulation to keep your home cosier throughout the colder months and you could even save a whopping £285 by doing so. It’s also worth checking that you’re on the right tariff for your gas and electricity needs, helping to save your hard-earned cash when you inevitably need to turn the heating up on the chilliest of nights!

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