Introducing Bridal Box Studios | Wedding Decor

Introducing Bridal Box Studios | Wedding Decor

I have always been a big supporter of natural talent and ambition so when I do come across these rare type of companies, one of the first things I want to do is share them with my lovely readers.

Let me introduce you guys to Charlotte; a fellow creative, crafter and all round awesome lass.

Having found herself in a less than ideal situation just 3 weeks before her wedding day, Charlotte dealt with this is a way that most of us would not. Instead of spending her days moping and crying at home, she brushed herself off, put on her thinking hat and soon, Bridal Box Studios was born.


Up yours! Corporate, power-hungry corporations with your ill-fitting suits and your over-done middle-aged women in too-tight dresses. I don’t need you anyway….” – Bridal Box Studios


Charlottes wit, humour and talent as a writer also makes for some entertaining reading on the Bridal Box Studios blog, where you can learn all about upcoming projects, shows, exhibitions and the origins of the company.

When looking for accessories for our own impending wedding day, Adam and I were left frustrated and just couldn’t seem to find items that matched the visions we had in mind. I knew Bridal Box Studios were going to be our saviour when my husband to be spotted one of their quirky buttonholes and piped up: ‘Oooh I’d like something like that for when we get married‘. Bingo!

Bridal Box 3 That British Betty

It then made sense to commission my bridal bouquet from Bridal Box Studios too. After chatting with them online, I’m confident that they have a good idea of what I would like and will no doubt exceed expectation (no pressure guys…) As 90% of our wedding attire and decor will be from independent businesses, I’m so very excited to be able to put together the wedding that we envisioned – without compromising on our personal, slightly offbeat style.

Whatever your ‘theme’ may be, the team over at Bridal Box Studios can help. From classic, seasonal and vintage to quirky and eclectic, they have an array of items to suit all tastes. If you can’t quite find what it is that you’re looking for then they also offer consultations to create something completely bespoke to you. You can see more items on their Etsy page here.

Bridal Box 2 That British Betty


“Have you ever been shopping for a nice dress, or new pair of shoes, and you know EXACTLY what you’re looking for, but you just can’t find it? No matter how frustrating, and how much it just doesn’t make sense – (But all I want is a high-neckline black maxi dress with a lace trim. Jesus, how difficult can that be??) – the aforementioned item just does not materialise. And that is because it doesn’t exist.

Because you invented it.

Here lies the eternal struggle of the creative bride-to-be.” – Bridal Box Studios


Being a newly-wed makes Charlotte the ideal candidate for relating to those of us getting stressed with the whole wedding malarkey. She offers support, advice and a wonderful insight on not only the products, but has plenty of tips and ideas to help the whole wedding preparation run as smoothly as possible, without tip-toeing into that dreaded Bridezilla territory.

All handmade in their studio and taking on board your own personal preferences, dislikes and ideas, you most certainly won’t find this level of service via high street suppliers. Whether you’re a bride or groom to be or simply want to support hard working talent, head over to the Facebook page and give them a like here.

Bridal Box 1 That British Betty

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