Our Glamping Trip | Wryesdale Park, Lancashire

Our Glamping Trip | Wryesdale Park, Lancashire

A few months ago, Adam and I booked ourselves a little weekend away with Feather Down Farm to celebrate our one year anniversary.

One year already – how time flies, eh? We could have gone abroad to one of the many destinations on our mutual bucket list but after a chat, we both decided that we needed some time away from everything to truly relax for a while.

No wifi, technology, people or pressure. Just the two of us, a hefty supply of booze and the glorious Lancashire countryside. Heaven! My Mum had kindly offered to stay at our house and look after the girls and cats for a few days so we could enjoy some time alone.

We arrived at Wryesdale Park on Friday afternoon. After being greeted by the owner Sally, we parked up and headed to our home for the next few nights. The tent was gorgeous! We had a hot tub, log stove, shower, sofa, dining table, porch and three beds. Only a few yards from the lake, it was prettier than I could have imagined and so secluded; just us and approximately 300 quacking ducks! We lit candles, snuggled down into our feather duvet and cracked open a ginger beer.

Glamping 1 That British Betty

The next few days passed in a bit of a blur. No phone nor real concept of time meant we could truly switch off. I guess in the midst of a normal, hectic working week, the chance to completely and utterly wind down just isn’t possible. Adam and I filled our days with books, board games, BBQs and camp fires by the lake. I am aware that this makes us sound like a pair of OAPs but for us, this was perfection.

On Sunday, we enjoyed a short walk in the sunshine to the Apple Store Cafe, which is also run by Sally. Located in a gorgeous English garden, the setting was quaint and filled with greenery. As per tradition, we opted for a Sunday roast with all the trimmings and a pot of tea; the beef dinner was perfection. Made with fresh produce, it was the best Sunday lunch I’ve had in a long time.

Adam and I then went for a longer walk to embrace the beautiful British countryside in it’s Autumnal glory (and to burn off the trillion calories from our lunch…) We came across sheep, wild pheasant, blackberries, holly and pine cones. Days like this remind me just how lucky we really are to live in this stunning corner of the planet.
We spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub with a few drinks. Monday morning approached and it was soon time to leave. I was so sad; the idea of going back to reality and our responsibilities seemed too much like hard work!

Glamping 2 That British Betty

As I drove home, I began to reflect on what really matters to me. I spend so much time online! If I can’t sleep, I pick up my phone. When I’m eating, I browse Pinterest. If I’m watching a movie, my phone is never far from my hand.

Over the four days we were away, I can honestly say I did not miss my phone, iPad or the internet one little bit. It has it’s place of course (it’s also how I make a living…) but I realised just how much it consumes my personal life.

The simple life may just be the way forward after all.

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