Exploring New York City | Part Two

Exploring New York City | Part Two

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Day Three

We woke up on our third day in New York City in a flurry of excitement. Looking out of the window and seeing Times Square right below us was breathtaking. It also happened to be our WEDDING DAY! A far cry from the traditional route, we began to get ready together in our hotel room. I wrote an entire post dedicated to our wedding day here so I won’t bore you guys by repeating myself.

That British Betty Blog New York City Part Two Wedding

Day Four

The next day, we decided to use our city passes to take a bus tour through Manhattan. After waiting for around an hour, we finally boarded the open-top bus and got moving! One of the first iconic views we came across was the New York Times Building, swiftly followed by Hurst Publishers (C. Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd). For most, these aren’t sites of particular interest, however, for me, it was it was one of my personal highlights.

I gazed up at the huge windows and daydreamed about what was happening inside, the fast-paced, pressured workloads of real-life journalists unfolding just a few feet away. One of my lifelong fantasies is to have an email address ending in @hurst.com but unless we win the lottery and can afford to relocate, that’s an unlikely future!

That British Betty New York Part Two Hurst

After a while, Adam and I decided to make a pit stop at the Central Park Zoo. A smaller zoo than most, the setting was beautiful. It was a crisp, Autumn day and perfect for exploring. The first thing we were greeted with was the sea lion enclosure. I was amazed that we were allowed to get so close these awesome animals and this guy (below) was more than happy to pose for the camera!

We also saw our very first bear in ‘real life’ which was an incredible experience. I mean, obviously, I knew that bears were pretty big fellows but to see one up close was something else; the size of his claws was quite an eye opener! Along with two beautiful snow leopards (again, I am a cat lady to the core. Tigers, domestic cats, lions – I’m utterly amazed by them all!) emperor penguins, lemurs, red pandas, snow monkeys and various other animals, we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.

Heading back to Times Square, we spent the evening taking in more sights and of course, shopping! The M&M store was first on the list and we browsed for at least an hour, buying souvenirs for family and a few naughty treats for ourselves in the process.

I’d already hit Sephora hard on the second day in NYC but couldn’t resist another peek. The kids had given me a list of products that they wanted me to bring home, including Laura Mercier highlighters, Benefit brows, Urban Decay palettes and more. I bought myself a few Kat Von D liquid eyeliners; I already owned one but it is, without a doubt, the best eyeliner that I’ve ever used so decided to stock up, along with a few obligatory lipsticks. I definitely didn’t spend over $300 in there *ahem* Just don’t tell Adam…

Macy’s is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit so we stopped for a Starbucks and continued my our mini shopping spree. I’ve had a love affair with Kate Spade products for as long as I can remember but, sadly, they’re just out of my budget. When I spotted the Kate Spade concession stand, I genuinely got butterflies. Superficial perhaps but true. I spent a good half hour fawning over the beautiful handbags and purses, much to the frustration of the shop assistant, before stumbling upon the Holy Grail Of Handbags; a sale section!

I was instantly drawn to a gorgeous red shoulder bag. Wincing, I checked the price tag. As it was last season’s stock, it had been reduced from $230 to just $56! There was no question that this beauty now belonged to yours truly as I snapped it up there and then. Adam bought himself a new designer watch, so asked if I’d like anything else from Kate Spade. Is the sky blue?! I found a mint green satchel bag reduced from $290 to $98 so this ended up coming home with us too. I knew I married that guy for a good reason!

That British Betty New York Part Two Shopping

After grabbing a hot-dog, we made our way to the Empire State Building. Approaching the ticket booth, we went to hand the cashier our city passes…but couldn’t find them! We stepped out of the line and hunted high and low, through our pockets and bags. They were nowhere to be seen. Given that entry was free with these passes, we were reluctant to pay out again so decided to call it a night. After much deliberation (and possibly bickering) we gave up any hope of finding them.

We went back to the hood apartment and immediately wanted to leave again. Upon arrival, we heard one guy shouting: “I’m gonna fucking kill you man!” to a pedestrian from his car window before speeding off. Wow. Walking down the metal steps, through the broken front door, secured only by a locked gate, and into the apartment, we realised that neither of us wanted to stay there another night. We’d been very kindly gifted some money as an early wedding present and reluctantly used the remainder of this to go back to the hotel for the rest of our stay.

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