About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa Valentine. I’m 36 years old, work in media and communications by day and as a lifestyle blogger by night. I reside near Manchester, England with my husband, Adam, my two teenage daughters and our three feline rescue buddies.

That British Betty is my creative outlet, a ‘Dear Diary’ style blog and a way of documenting the adventures so far. This ranges from my various trips around the UK (and occasionally beyond), favourite foodie haunts and fashion finds to general life observations and the everyday kind of moments.

I grew up in the nineties whilst listening to music from the fifties, adore all things vintage and rockabilly, often spend my weekends getting lost in a Netflix black hole, live by the ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ ethos and have a weakness for cats, Sega and those little biscuits that you get at the hairdressers sometimes.

If you’re looking for a polished influencer blog filled with professional pictures and a carefully curated lifestyle, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. That said, I do hope that you’ll stick around and enjoy my ramblings along the way.

For PR requests and collaborations, you can contact me here.

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