Say Hello To… The Pyrex Party Pixie

Say Hello To… The Pyrex Party Pixie It’s been a while but my ‘Say hello to…’ series is back and I’d like to introduce you to Buffy from The Pyrex Party Pixie. Being a lover of all things vintage, when Buffy told me about her business in finding beautiful pieces of Pyrex kitchenware for keen collectors, I was curious to find out more.

Just yesterday, I was in a local charity shop with Megan and spotted a coral snowflake Pyrex casserole dish for just £4. I talked myself out of buying it as I really don’t need more ‘stuff’ and am trying to save money. I had a little browse online later on and discovered that the same item is currently selling for around £60. I kicked myself hard!

Anyhow… say hello to Buffy!

The Pyrex Party Pixie That British Betty Blog

So tell us, where did the idea of the Pyrex Party Pixie come from and how did you begin? 

I started collecting vintage Pyrex a few years ago after seeing some in a charity shop.  As my collection grew I began to wish that there was a shop that specialised in vintage Pyrex and as there wasn’t one, thought I would start one.

Also, my personal collection had grown too big so I had to trim it down a little bit. I offer a Pyrex hunting service where customers can ask me for a specific piece and I will track it down and that is my favourite part of the job I love the thrill of the chase, it is like being a Pyrex detective!

I started with a shop on Etsy and started Pyrex hunting when people started to ask me about how to get rarer items.  I have just developed an eco-friendly bamboo phone case with original artwork featuring vintage Pyrex, then everyone can have a rare piece, on their phone at least and for every phone case we sell we make a donation to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, who have a turtle hospital- I love turtles!:)

What is your personal favourite piece of vintage Pyrex? 

That’s a really difficult question, as I like most of it but my favourite piece is a Morning Star Cinderella mixing bowl, it’s one of the first pieces I got.  It’s not rare, I just really like the pattern, it looks like snowflakes and the colour is quite subtle.  I’ve also got a weakness for coral (red) Pyrex too!

Do you think that the current rise in the popularity of vintage Pyrex is due to consumers becoming more aware of the environment? Or is it down to something else? 

I’d like to think so, as vintage Pyrex can be used to store food in the fridge and freezer and you can also take the lidded containers to the shops to put fresh things in, instead of using plastic bags (that’s something I do) but I’m not sure that’s the main reason.  Lots of people don’t actually use it because it’s very popular now as an interior design statement.

Some of the designs are quite timeless like the Snowflake and the Daisy and some people like to go for the more retro look with some of the psychedelic patterns from the ‘sixties and ‘seventies. Also now people are also starting to realise that vintage Pyrex is an investment opportunity.  Of course, there is also the nostalgia value as a lot of people remember the patterns from when they were young and remember their mums and grandmas cooking with them.

You mentioned on our website that you are often asked to source rare and unusual pieces. What is the most unique piece of Pyrex that you’ve come across to date? 

The rare pieces that most collectors want are the ‘Hearts’, which were made in England but were made for the Scandinavian market but the most unique piece I’ve found was a round, white casserole dish with the Daisy pattern on it. They were never released commercially, so it’s a bit mysterious!  One theory is a few were made for gifts for employees. That’s the fun of vintage Pyrex, you never know what you’re going to find next.


The Party Pyrex Pixie That British Betty

Thank you so much Buffy. Why not check out her social media channels above and say hello? If you’d like to take part in ‘Say hello to…’, you can get in touch by emailing Lisa at

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