Say hello to…Floga

Say hello to…Floga
Since launching my new ‘Say hello to…’ series on here, I’ve had emails from some brilliant fellow bloggers and creatives. I’ve had some great responses so far and hope you’re all enjoying ‘meeting’ the people I’m proud to host on my humble little corner of the internet. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Flo from Floga.


Hi Flo. Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I am Flo and I am based in Manchester, although I am originally from Oxford! I now run my business, Floga, in both cities (but mainly in Manchester)! I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, specialising in Vinyasa and Hatha Flow, as well as Kids Yoga and Pre and Post Natal Yoga. I have a BA and MA in Art History and I love combining Yoga and Art together for an extra creative mix!

I am a massive bookworm and constantly want to educate myself and others. I am obsessed with any animal/insect/natural phenomenon and love going on holiday / travelling – I am definitely a bit of a sun worshiper! Oh, and I love food and drink – cooking, eating, drinking, anything involving one of those is all good in my book!

Tell us more about Floga and how you began/got involved?

Floga was hatched in my bedroom one morning around 3 years ago! I have always loved education and thinking of ways to engage children and adults from all walks of life with culture and their own wellbeing was my main focus after university. I had been working in a school to gain further experience in the education sector and was permanently frustrated at the lack of creative outlets for kids within schools and really wanted to change that.

I had been expressing this frustration to Max (my boyfriend) and was complaining that I wished I could just go into schools and teach kids art and yoga to help them release stress and also learn about themselves and things around them. Max simply said, “well why don’t you?!” and so I began planning Floga after that point!  Floga is based around my love of the arts and yoga and their positive effects on people from all walks of life.

My main focus is taking them into schools, using Art and Yoga as a way to discuss different topics such as anxiety, stress, philosophy etc. but I also teach regular yoga classes to the public and private clients, as well as in care homes and businesses. Flogas main aim is to be accessible and open to anyone, anybody and any background. Bringing people together through these open subjects is so wonderful.

I see that Floga has a strong focus on the arts and yoga. How did this come about?

The arts and yoga are two of my favourite topics.  I have studied Art History since A Level and I have been practicing yoga for around 10 years. Both of these two subjects helped me (and continue to help me) so much, in so many ways. That is why I wanted to combine them so others could also experience their positive effects.

I started Yoga due to a knee injury but then it ended up supporting me mentally through a difficult time in my life – and has done ever since. The Arts gave me a way to escape as well but then also opened me up to topics and ideas I had never thought about before, providing me with a way to express myself further. Both inspire me so much and I love learning more and more about each of them every day.

The reason I think Art and Yoga compliment each other so well is because they can be open to anyone, they are both creative and subjective, you can take what you want from them. Yoga enables you to look inwards, and encourages you to learn things out about yourself, your emotions and your body. Art allows you to take these explorations further, encouraging you to express yourself in anyway you see fit, even if you can’t find the right words.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga has so many benefits! It improves your physical well-being such as increasing strength and flexibility, but most importantly (I think) it also improves mental wellbeing. Yoga is proven to reduce stress, increase confidence and concentration and alleviate anxiety and depression through various breathing techniques and postures – just to name a few!

I think the best thing about yoga is that there is a class out there for everyone.  Whether you want an intense work out; to recover from an injury; or just to lie down on some bolsters and relax completely (!), you will be able to find a class somewhere that suits you and your needs.

I have taught such a range of students, including babies from as young as 6 weeks, all the way up to a man who was 103 years old! Yoga can be for everyone.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I do an excellent Daffy Duck impression! It’s my party trick!

Twitter: @thefloga
Instagram: @thefloga
Facebook: @thefloga
Thank you so much Flo. Why not check out her social media channels above and say hello? If you’d like to take part in ‘Say hello to…’, you can get in touch by emailing Lisa at


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