I Said Yes! | Our Engagement

I Said Yes! | Our Engagement

So, when I told you guys all about our amazing weekend at Wryesdale Park a couple of weeks ago, there was just one, tiny little thing that I may have omitted.

Adam and I got engaged! That’s right – we’re getting married *cue excited squeal*

It’s something we’d discussed a little over the months and on the first night of our adventure, the question was indeed popped. Of course, I said yes! We opened the bubbly and spent the next few days in a complete daze. I couldn’t stop looking at my beautiful vintage ring and thinking about what lay ahead for us.

Engagement That British Betty

Just twelve months ago, I could have never envisioned being so content and in love. This is absolutely the right time for us and I’ve learnt over the past few years that life really is too short to be anything but truly happy. You just have to be brave, grab it by the balls and take the chances when they arise.

We have 100% approval and love from the people around us who matter the most. I am lucky enough to be ‘inheriting’ a wonderful family of in-laws along with my incredible, kind and supportive future husband. My girls are delighted and I cannot wait to make our relatively new unit official in the next year or two. A life filled with adventures, travelling, nest building, more cats (obviously…) dogs, family, friends and if nature allows, perhaps even a mini – Valentine or two one day.

Now to fall into a whirlwind of dresses, table plans, invites, venues and party planning! I’m a little bit crap at this whole wedding malarkey so if anyone has any tips or advice, it would be most welcome.

Here’s to the future!

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