Our Memory Jar 2018

Our Memory Jar 2018 Happy New Year! It’s officially 2019 and, while I was busy being a bit overwhelmed by the whole ‘New Year New Me’ updates springing up across social media, I decided to rebel and look backwards instead by sharing something rather personal with you all (because blogger).

About six years ago, I began a new family tradition. Every January, we start to fill an empty jar with little notes of memories made, continuing them throughout the year; kind of like an old-school version of ‘Facebook Memories’ if you will.

On New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day if we have a party to attend – I discovered quite quickly that too much gin and heightened emotions are not a good mix, unlike gin and ginger beer), the girls, Adam and I sit down together and read out the contents of the jar.

This year, I thought I’d list them on the blog to give you an idea of what we jotted down during 2018. I’m not sure they’ll mean much to you but for me, my blog is primarily a ‘Dear Diary’ site so it seems fitting (spoiler alert: it turns out that it was mainly filled with picnics and trips to Blackpool).

In hindsight, there were actually lots of things that we forgot to include so I’ll be making sure we’re a bit more vigilant this year. Do you have any similar traditions?

06.01.18 – Belated NYE house party at Claire’s

21.01.18 – Felix Hagan and Frank Turner gig in Lancaster with Jo and Alex

04.02.18 – Giff Gaff blogger event at The Principal, Manchester with Donna, Gina, Charlie and Jennie

05.02.18 – Meeting dad and uncle David for a Sunday morning Costa

16.02.18 – Mini-break in Manchester for Valentine’s Day

19.02.18 – A surprise parcel arrived from Emma and Chris

06.03.18 – Cinema trip to see ‘The Greatest Showman’ – Megan and Lisa

08.03.18 – Megan won ‘Health and Social Care Apprentice of the Year’ award

09.03.18 – Lucie moved up a set in Science class

11.03.18 – Afternoon walk in Heaton Park with ‘The Best Cheese and Onion Pie in the World’ for lunch

01.04.18 – Day trip to Bolsover Castle with Adam’s sister and co

13.04.18 – Lucie’s first Frank Turner gig in Manchester with Lisa, Deb and Claire

14.04.18 – Beautiful stay at Chicheley Hall

15.04.18 – Day trip to Oxford

22.04.18 – Daytime drinking and visiting museums in Manchester

26.04.18 – Trip to Lancaster with Mum and Jo

27.04.18 – Drove to Blackpool for fish and chips

28.04.18 – Meal at The Midland, Marple Bridge

02.05.18 – Jungle Book at the Lowry Theatre

05.05.18 – A picnic in Nuttall Park, Ramsbottom in the glorious sunshine

06.05.18 – Meal in Llangollen with the Valentine’s

13.05.18 – A ride on the Flying Scotsman steam train with dad

14.05.18 – A birthday picnic on St Anne’s beach

15.05.18 – BBQ masterclass at John Whaite’s Kitchen, Wigan

16.05.18 – Lisa’s birthday spa day, Village Hotel in Bury

20.05.18 – Cinema trip to watch ‘Deadpool 2’ – Adam and Lisa

16.06.18 – Adam and Megan’s joint birthday BBQ

17.06.18 – A trip to Amsterdam for Megan’s 18th birthday

30.06.18 – Queens of the Stone Age gig, London

15.07.18 – The Crystal Maze Experience for Dad’s 60th birthday

21.07.18 – A picnic in Williamson Park, Lancaster

19.08.18 – Coffee with Sarah

25.08.18 – Ice cream and arcades in Blackpool

26.08.18 – Bolton Food and Drink Festival

31.08.18 – Felix Hagan house party/private gig

22.09.18 – A day in Blackpool for Lucie’s 15th birthday

23.09.18 – Visiting Grandma

12.10.18 – Wedding anniversary weekend in Chester

27.10.18 – Meeting friends for drinks in Manchester/Jen’s Halloween party

28.10.18 – Family day out at Breakout, Manchester

10.11.18 – Moonpig blog event in Leeds with Jennie, Charlie and Leanne

24.11.18 – A meal with Claire and co in Manchester

30.11.18 – Junkyard Golf and cocktails – Megan and Lisa

23.12.18 – Festive family meal in Llangollen

25.12.18 – Christmas!

26.12.18 – Another trip to Wales

29.12.18 – A catch-up with Lewis in Manchester

30.12.18 – Coffee with Kate and co/trip to Lancaster to see Jo and Alex

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