Mr & Mrs Valentine | Year One

Mr & Mrs Valentine | Year One

Today marks one whole year since Adam and I made a pretty big commitment to one another in a modest registrar’s office, witnessed by a complete stranger!  

Yep, today is our very first wedding anniversary and it honestly only feels like yesterday that we were getting ready together in a hotel room overlooking Times Square and about to embark on an unknown journey into official wedded bliss. I remember putting my veil on and having a slight pang of sadness that I wasn’t accompanied by my sisters, mum, friends, (soon to be) sister in law and mum in law, but then glanced over at Adam and knew we’d made the right choice for us.

One of the main reasons behind our decision to elope to New York was that we both hate being in the limelight. The idea of having to ‘walk down the aisle’ actually filled me with utter dread and we also knew that spending several thousands of pounds on a traditional wedding day was something that we may regret when faced with huge loan repayments for the next five years or so.

New York City Hall Wedding That British Betty Blog

That British Betty Blog Wedding Day NYC

We’ve always talked about the various adventures that we wanted to take together so figured that this way, we could tick the ‘Big Apple’ off our joint bucket list, have a simple city clerks office ceremony and host a party for our loved once we got back home. So we did, and I can honestly say that we made some of the best memories to date; our trip to NYC will always be filled with love and happiness.

A lot has happened since we began married life. We’ve experienced good times, (very) bad times, and everything in between. It’s a common notion that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I can see why, with the anticlimactic ‘post-wedding blues’ kicking in and facing the reality of monogamy, responsibility and new obligations.

I have to say though, this first year as husband and wife hasn’t been particularly different nor difficult. Not to be a smug cow of course, but it’s just, well…working. Part of this may be the fact that we never set the focus on a ‘wedding’ but more on the marriage part – I couldn’t wait to be Mrs Valentine; the wedding day itself was just a nice extra.

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That British Betty Blog Jane's Carousel Wedding Brooklyn

We’d already lived together before tying the knot so cohabiting wasn’t anything new (nor brought any nasty surprises) and we enjoy a relatively simple life; sometimes, it’s the ordinary little moments that are the most sincere. Watching a new Netflix series together whilst eating crisps in bed, laughing at the same (ridiculous) videos on YouTube, getting annoyed when the other one leaves dirty laundry on the floor yet again or waking up together on a lazy Sunday morning.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t make the effort every now and again. In fact, we’ve made a pact to plan a date together once a month and take some time out for ourselves, away from the usual life pressures and surroundings. It’s nice to get out of the PJs on occasion, isn’t it? I adore my husband; he’s my teammate, my partner in crime and just about all of the other clichés that I can possibly muster up. I genuinely can’t imagine a future without him.

Here’s to Year Two

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That British Betty Blog NYC wedding


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