Embracing My Inner Basic Bitch | Humour

Embracing My Inner Basic Bitch | Humour

With Autumn arriving in the UK recently, it’s the prime season for a certain personality trait to come shining through and last week, I had a little epiphany whilst sitting in Starbucks (it was a former bank in the middle of York, obvs).

This revelation is something that I’ve tried to deny for a while now but I feel that it’s finally time to embrace the truth and get it all out in the open, so here goes – I’m a fully-fledged basic bitch *gasp* and this is why:


I have fawned over makeup in Sephora on more than one occasion. I own Urban Decay Naked Palettes, Benefit Brows, Better Than Sex mascara and Rhianna’s new Fenty range is already on my radar.

I have my hair highlighted and blow dried at painfully trendy hairdressers (when I can afford it – I’m currently sporting glorious roots again). It’s located inside a former pub and still has the old ‘last orders’ bell on the wall to match the upcycled bar stools.

Shopping at Lush and Primark is a regular pastime for me and about 60% of my body is covered with Sailor Jerry style tattoos (but I think that one pushes me over into the ‘Classic Hipster’ camp on this occasion).


In the past five years alone, I’ve been on a girls weekend to Ibiza, visited the coffee shops of Amsterdam, got married at City Hall in NYC a la Carrie Bradshaw (kind of…) taken selfies with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland, found the best place for an Insta perfect picture in Parc Guell, Barcelona, worn flowers and glitter in my hair at Kendal Calling festival, mooched around Camden Locks whilst eating churros and so much more.

I even document it all on my scratch off map poster thingie and have scrapbooks galore #wanderlust

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At this time of year, I can often be found wearing my oversized scarf from River Island, Urban Outfitters leather jacket and staple skinny jeans. I avoid Uggs because I live near Manchester and they’d be ruined by the rain on the first outing but I do wear equally impractical nude ballet pumps from Topshop.

My handbag collection boasts several Cath Kidston bags and purses (I haven’t succumbed to Michael Kors yet) and I have at least five cat print skater dresses in my Ikea Malm wardrobe.


My Instagram feed is filled with images of my cats, almost every meal I eat and the occasional selfie. Pinterest is my virtual second home, boasting thousands (not an exaggeration) of pins featuring Oreo bakes, Louboutin shoes that I can’t afford and cute DIY crafts that I’ll probably never attempt to make.

Twitter is the ideal place for a regular hashtag overload and the odd spot of oversharing (#Sunday #foodie #lblogger #Friyay are firm favorites). And to top it all off, I’m a lifestyle blogger too – I mean, if having an entire website dedicated to yours truly isn’t the epitome of basic self-indulgence then I really don’t know what is.


I admit it – I love all things pumpkin spice flavoured. When we went to America last October, I had a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte every single day and even came home with a suitcase full of pumpkin spice chewing gum and Pop Tarts (they were amazing).

You’ll find me at the front of the queue for the latest hipster burger place opening (I’m looking at you Solita and Almost Famous), Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups are life, avocado and poached eggs are my ‘treat’ breakfast and gin cocktails with OTT garnishes are my go-to tipple.

I also like to eat overpriced cake and drink tea from vintage teapots in the Northern Quarter. I did go through a phase of drinking spinach smoothies (they were rank) but soon reverted to eating Nutella with a spoon and I always adore a good unicorn freakshake.

Basic Bitch Humour Unicorn Food PSL That British Betty Blog


My bedroom is an ‘imaginative’ palette of white, accentuated by my blue and white china print bedding and Alice In Wonderland typography poster.

The rest of our home is adorned with faux sheepskin rugs, knitted Ikea blankets, rose gold trinkets, cactus and Aloe Vera plants with tea lights everywhere (seriously, it’s becoming a fire hazard with the amount of Yankee Candles I own).

It also features three obligatory cats (on a serious note, they are actually much loved and highly pampered rescues), and I can often be found on the sofa watching Netflix in PJ bottoms and oversized slogan t-shirt with my iPad in one hand and my favourite flamingo mug in the other.

So what do you reckon? Am I just another basic bitch, a hipster or a brand new hybrid breed entirely? (Adam just called me a ‘Hipster Bitch‘ when I asked him the same question so there you go…)

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