Limitless Night at The Milton Club | Manchester

Limitless Night at The Milton Club | Manchester

I’m going to momentarily take you back to 1999. Before parenthood came along, I was a little bit of a party animal. My Friday and Saturday nights would consist of cheap booze and dancing until my feet hurt.

The scene would normally be me and a giddy bunch of girlfriends, all crammed into one of our box bedrooms at our respective parents houses.

Cue copious amounts of hairspray, questionable outfit choices (thank you Spice Girls) and a few bottles of dodgy wine. We’d head out into town about 9pm, before dragging ourselves home in the early hours.

As a thirtysomething, my routine has thankfully matured somewhat over the years. These days, it tends to be a bottle of Prosecco with the girls, as we get ready in one of our grown up kitchens and talk about our high-pressured jobs, bills and families. On occasion, we have even been known to get too cosy and by 10pm, decide to cancel our plans and stay in with a pizza instead.

The clever folk at The Milton Club in Manchester have come up with a unique solution to this problem. Last weekend, I was invited along to the launch of their brand new Limitless experience.

The concept is borderline genius! You pay just £30 on the door (£20 if you have membership – you can sign up here) and are treated to an evening of pre-drinks in a classy and convenient location, with gorgeous canapés, a free flow bar and music to get you in the party mood. Yes, you heard me correctly. A free-flow bar!

After work on Friday night, I headed home, stepped out of my drab office wear and changed into something a little more ‘me’; I think I’ve almost forgotten how to make an effort these days! In my leather jacket and Collectif pencil skirt, I made my way into Manchester to meet up with a few fellow bloggers.

I have been luckily enough to meet these gorgeous ladies before, when we enjoyed some fabulous food together at Dive NQ earlier this year. I arrived at The Milton Club just after 8pm and gave my name to the lady on reception. I was given a wristband and headed inside to meet Sophie and Steffany. The others had already made a start on the cocktail menu, so my first port of call was the bar!

I scanned over the list of drinks available and settled on an Amaretto Sour cocktail to begin the evening.  This was served promptly and as I stood there with my purse in hand, I remembered that it was free flow bar – doh!

I spotted the canapés and grabbed a plate. We were treated to a cheese board, nachos with fresh dips, antipasti, petit four, fresh fruits and more. Sometimes, I find canapés a little bland but these were genuinely delicious, with a good variety. So much so, that we all went back for a second (possibly third…) helping over the course of our evening. This is a nice way to fill up before a big night out, without feeling full from a heavy meal.


As the girls and I caught up over drinks, the room began to fill up nicely with an array of different clientèle. From groups of younger boys and girls to couples and business men, there was a good mix of people.

My hen party is the next event I need to plan and The Milton Club has certainly made it’s way on to my list of potential venues. You can also hire out booths to give you a comfortable space to drink the night away. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers or just a big night out with the ladies.

Next on my list was a Bramble cocktail. One of my all time favourites! Made with Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon bitters, Chambord liqueur and sugar syrup, the blend was perfect. So perfect in fact, that I ended up enjoying another three of these over the next hour! The other girls went for a variety of drinks, including Prosecco, vodka, beers, soft drinks and even a coffee (you know who you are…)


Sadly, I had to leave at 10pm but could have happily stayed longer. Situated on Deansgate, just a short walk from Spinningfields and public transport links, the location is ideal to provide the perfect starting point for your evening. Not that you’ll want to leave once you get inside!

Limitless is hosted every Friday and Saturday evening, from 8pm-10pm.

Fancy your own personal car and driver to take you around town – or even pick you up from home? They have it covered. Ideal for mastering those tricky heels and avoiding the usual Manchester weather, without the headache of waiting around for a taxi.
Let me know if you decide to visit – I may even tag along for a drink or five!

*My ticket was provided FOC however all opinions are my own 

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