Cake For Breakfast & A Trip To Morecambe | The Weekend Post

Cake For Breakfast & A Trip To Morecambe | The Weekend Post

Over the past three months, we haven’t spent a single (full) day at home and the temptation to hide underneath the duvet with a tub of cookie dough and Netflix was strong last weekend. 

However, we had plans and being a semi-responsible adult, I decided that it was probably a good idea to stick to them. I dragged my arse out of bed on Saturday and got ready for a morning of indulgence. For those of you that don’t know, Slattery’s Patissier & Chocolatiers is a legendary cake haven. Based in Whitefield, Manchester, it’s also just a short drive away from home, making it super tempting!

I’d been given a gift card for Lancashire Afternoon Tea at Slattery’s for my birthday back in May. When I went to book a table, I found that the only weekend availability was at 10am – in July! I knew that Mason’s Dining Room was super popular but had underestimated just how much. Obviously, 10am isn’t the ideal time for afternoon tea but I went with it…

Lucie and I rocked up and were informed that they didn’t actually start serving afternoon tea until after 10.30am but we were welcome to wait with a beverage. After a few moments, our helpful waiter let us know that they could serve our food early but by then, I already had my eye on the breakfast menu.

Breakfast at Slattery's Manchester That British Betty BlogWe decided to swap the afternoon tea for a full English breakfast instead and were not disappointed! By now, it was approaching 11am, which by my standards, meant that cake was perfectly acceptable. Lu and I both opted for my ultimate favourite Slattery’s treat –  Princess Cake. (We also had a giggle when these were brought over to our table with the words: “Two Princesses?” and Lucie piped up: “Yes, yes we are!”)

After dropping more money than I’d like to admit on other goodies in the shop downstairs, we decided to hit the gym for an hour (as if it was going to make one bit of difference at this point, given the amount of food we’d just consumed…) and took a scenic route home via the gorgeous countryside.

Sunday was earmarked for a family day by the seaside…again. As we rarely visit the coast, to have two similar outings in the same month was rather novel for us. There was a good reason for this though – my Dad’s birthday! With full-time jobs, kids and the usual life stuff consuming most of our time, it’s not very often that we get the chance to meet up with extended family so this little get-together was long overdue.

Morecambe Bay The Weekend Post That British Betty Blog

The four of us (me, Adam and the girls) joined my unsuspecting dad, uncle, sister, cousin and her son in the seaside town of Morecambe, Lancashire and, after catching up over a coffee, found our own little spot on the beach for a couple of hours. Armed with buckets and spades, kites and a wonderful cake made by my talented sister, it was a refreshing change to sit back and just soak up the organic, unorchestrated moments of the afternoon. It really is the simple things that make for the best memories sometimes, isn’t it?

Being a family of history geeks, we made a pit stop at the Heritage Centre to see the latest exhibition, showcasing a fascinating array of WW1 and WW2 artefacts from a personal collection belonging to Paul Lomax. Many of the items were used as props in the movies ‘War Horse‘ and ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ and it gave a humbling insight into the reality that our soldiers and civilians faced during this harrowing period.

We also learned that Morecambe played an important part in WW2, with the famous (and absolutely beautiful) Midland Hotel being used as a temporary burns unit and the basement becoming a makeshift morgue. Something for you to think about when next enjoying a massage in the Midland spa, eh?

Heritage Centre Vintage Morecambe That British Betty Blog

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