Life Lately | September

Life Lately | September

I know everyone says this every single year but seriously guys – how is it October already? I’m not really liking the Autumn weather (thus moaning about it at every given opportunity) and haven’t even begun to think about Christmas yet. 

Instead, I’ve been busy procrastinating (shocker) and have decided to introduce a new category on the blog. I’ll be replacing my sporadic Weekend Post roundups with Life Lately posts every month instead, mainly as I’m pretty boring and finding something exciting to share every weekend is proving tricky these days!

My blog has always been an online diary so it’s a great way for me to remember the things that don’t always warrant a dedicated post but made me smile and if you guys are remotely interested in my ramblings, read on.

This month I…

Met up with old friends

One of my dearest friends, Emma and her husband Chris, live around a 3.5 hour drive away from Adam and I so we don’t get to meet up anywhere near as much as we’d like to. After making plans that never came to light for well over a year, we finally set a date in stone.

With the kids, work and other commitments, we both agreed that it may be easier to meet somewhere ‘in the middle’ and after checking out a map, Emma informed me that that particular place was York! I was delighted as York is one of my favourite places in the UK. Adam has never actually been to York before so we took the opportunity to explore the gorgeous historical city.

We met up on a sunny Saturday morning, talked all day long, enjoyed a few of the sights, went to the Jorvik museum, ate yummy food and even managed to accidentally persuade a child to give us his Krispy Kreme donuts (long story). We certainly won’t be leaving it so long again and I cannot wait to have them stay over for a weekend of gin, more nattering, and board games soon!

York 2017 That British Betty Blog
York September 2017 That British Betty Blog

Gave the entire office a bug

I’d been feeling a bit ropey at the end of August and soon after, I developed a virus. Well, I think it was a virus –  I’m still not entirely sure what it was but it was far from pleasant. I was coughing, sneezing, had watery eyes, slept for 12 hours a night, my skin hurt to touch and I generally felt like I’d been hit by a bus.

Of course, it spread like wildfire in the office and, after being gifted with my germs, resulted in almost everybody taking time off (even the hard-working boss). Sorry guys! I also had my flu jab shortly afterwards, just in case…

Stuck to date night

When we got married, Adam and I agreed to book a ‘date night’ with each other once a month. Well, it’s been almost a year since then and I think we’ve only been out once in that entire time (good start, eh?).

I’d read about a relatively new Catalan tapas place opening in Manchester and figured it was the perfect cure for the post-holiday blues after our trip to Barcelona in August, as well as a great date night location.

Lunya, just off St Anne’s Square, is a bit of a hidden gem and the food was absolutely superb, with extremely generous portions. After a couple of hours grazing on fresh meats, calamari, wild mushrooms and more, we left full. So full that I even took the massive plate of hummus and bread home to eat for supper! (ahoy garlic breath…)

It was a lovely chance to actually sit and enjoy each other’s company without the usual distractions of home life – I’ll be posting a full review of Lunya soon so watch this space.

Lunya Manchester September 2017 That British Betty Blog

Got invited on a press trip to Berlin

Every now again, I get an unexpected email that makes me pinch myself (and it makes a nice change from the spammy ones telling me how rubbish my site is and that I simply must sign up to their SEO services at once) and September brought me one of the most exciting blogger opportunities to date.

I’d been invited on a press trip to Berlin for the weekend to explore the city, eat top restaurants, stay in a 5* hotel and enjoy VIP access to a local circus show at the theatre, all compensated – amazing, huh? There was just one snag – it also happens to fall on the same date as our first wedding anniversary.

Adam was chill about the whole situation and encouraged me to seize the chance to experience a city that has been on my list for years. I declined though as I’d rather like to celebrate the occasion in the same country as my husband; he’d better get me an exceptional gift (I’m joking – kind of).

Celebrated my youngest daughters 14th birthday

Lucie turned fourteen last weekend and to celebrate this special event, we took a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They currently have some great offers online so we took advantage of the night rider wristbands that included entry to the theme park from 4pm – 10pm and a firework display for just £22 each (not affiliated with Kit and David Hasselhoff sadly).

The Pleasure Beach has greatly improved since my last visit in 2008. We had a brilliant evening and my brave girl and her friends went on all of the rollercoasters as I happily fed my 2p machine addiction and drank copious amounts of coffee. Adam even dropped lucky on the grab machines and won me a unicorn teddy for the grand total of 30p! (Lucie quickly nabbed it and I could hardly argue with the birthday girl, could I?)

We ate seaside rock, fish and chips, spotted Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas enjoying the rides with his son and walked back to the car through the famous Illuminations. I never thought I’d say this as my own childhood experiences there were less than memorable (AKA it used to be rough as toast) but we’ll definitely be heading back to Blackpool Pleasure Beach again soon.

Blackpool September 2017 That British Betty Blog

Gave in to Autumn

I currently have my eye on a beautiful burgundy utility coat from Dorothy Perkins but it’s just slightly too expensive for me so I’m waiting for a sale/discount code to come along first. I’m also on the hunt for the perfect pair of brogues so if you have any recommendations, hit me up!

Asda George has a great range of knitwear available at the moment in block colours – ideal for both work and weekend outings. I ended up buying three jumpers, two cardigans and some pinstripe work pants – all essentials of course. A lovely embroidered, boho-style skirt may have found its way into my basket too (not sponsored – I just like a bargain).

Visited Vintage By The Sea 2017

This event has become a bit of a family tradition for us over the past few years. Based in Morecambe, it’s one of the vintage highlights of our calendar and frequented by like-minded enthusiasts and locals alike. The weather was not on our side this year (come to think of it, it wasn’t last year either!) and the sideways rain certainly put a dampener on the day.

We still had a nice time checking out all of the vintage vehicles and mooching around the numerous stalls. I had to resist a stunning coat (I say ‘resist’ – the £325 price tag did that for me) but did come away with a pretty nautical Voodoo Vixen jumper for a tenner.

How was your September?

Vintage By The Sea 2017 That British Betty Blog

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