Life Lately | September 18

Life Lately | September 18 I‘m about a week late sharing this months ‘Life Lately’ post so forgive my tardiness. I’ve been quite busy doing nothing particularly noteworthy yet still barely having time to sleep. Fun, eh? I’m also looking after a few big campaigns and events at work this month which I’m enjoying, however, they’re pretty intense and leaving my brain rather frazzled so the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is more writing/spending time behind a screen. Anyhow, here’s what September looked like for us.

Celebrated Lucie’s Birthday 

To celebrate Lucie’s birthday last year, we went to the Late Night Riding and Fireworks event held at Blackpool Pleasure Beach at Lucie’s request and she enjoyed it so much that she asked if we could do it again this time. Basically, the park stays open until 10pm then boasts an elaborate musical firework display (it was The Greatest Showman themed this year, obvs).

I’m not really one for rides these days so I bought Lu and her boyfriend wristbands as Adam and I stayed firmly grounded, enjoying penny machines, chips and coffee. We agreed to meet up with Lucie every few hours to make sure she was ok but otherwise, left her to enjoy herself sans boring adults.

After about half an hour, she called to say that they’d won a prize on the side stalls and could we carry it for her. Thinking it would be a small teddy or something, we soon discovered that we’d inadvertently agreed to lug a mammoth Daim bar around for the remainder of the day.

I’m not even exaggerating – for the grand total of £4, they’d won 2kg of chocolatey goodness. Adam and I won about 5941 keyrings and other useless bits in the arcades, spent more money than I dare to admit and had an all-round lovely day at the seaside.


Visited My Grandma

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with my grandma. We’d jump on the double-decker bus and go for a mooch around charity shops or visit the butterfly house at Moss Bank Park in Bolton, amongst other little adventures. I also have fond memories of staying at her house regularly and being greeted by hot buttered toast and Vimto for breakfast.

Sadly, I hadn’t seen her for a few years due to dementia making contact difficult – mainly for her as she became easily confused and cautious of visitors. She’s been plagued with other rather gnarly illnesses recently and was hospitalised last month, resulting in major surgery.

I agonised over what to do, wondering what was the best thing for everyone involved. I knew I wanted to see her but had to ask myself if that was purely for selfish reasons or out of guilt or if she’d be distressed if I rocked up again out of the blue. Knowing how precious time can be, I put my emotions to one side and nervously made the trip to the hospital on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I knew not expect much. As Adam and I walked in with my mum and her partner, my grandma exclaimed: “Oh what a lovely surprise! You were my very first grandbaby. How are the girls?”. It took every ounce of strength not to burst into tears there and then. Of course, there were tell-tale chatters that couldn’t mask the hazy signs of dementia but she was still there and had that feisty, determined spark that I recognised underneath it all.

We talked about her love of Bolton Wanders FC, dancing, my job, the kids, Adam, the view from her hospital window, chocolate and lots of other things. After an hour or so, I could see she was in pain and getting tired so we said our goodbyes and left her to rest. Once we got in the car, I found myself sobbing a little and didn’t really know why. In hindsight, I think a bit part of it was due to relief.

For the past few months, I’d been worrying every time I got a text or phone call, imagining all kinds of wretched things. Seeing her again was heartbreaking yet reassuring at the same time and it felt like the underlying weight and sadness had been somewhat lifted (and I’ll be making our visits a regular thing from now on).

Took A Trip To IKEA

I flipping love IKEA (who doesn’t?) and haven’t been for a while so thought I’d pop over to the Ashton-under-Lyne store ‘for a browse’ – what an absolute lie that was. I have a thing for plants and am currently having an ongoing clash with Adam about the fact that we have so much greenery adorning our dining room #soblogger.

What he didn’t know is that I was on a mission to sneak a few more in. Luckily for me, just before I set off to IKEA, Adam sheepishly asked if I’d mind him giving it a miss. Secretly delighted, I feigned a mild disappointment (and even managed to guilt him into doing some housework while I was out) and Megan and I headed out for a little Sunday shopping trip.

First of all, going to IKEA on a weekend is never a good idea. After circling the car park for about 20 years minutes, we finally found a parking space and got started. I fawned over blush pink sofas and pretty bedframes before taking a break for meatballs, Daim cake and coffee (FYI, this post isn’t sponsored by Daim – it just happened to be a bigger part of September than I realised until now…).

I grabbed a trolley and that, my friends, is where the real fun began. Before I knew it, I’d managed to fill said trolley with no less than 12 candles, six cushions, a doll bed for the cats (!), a clothes airer, some Christmas decorations and wrapping paper, a bath mat, a blanket, a Venus flytrap, some floral bedding, a mug, a strainer, a sieve, a multipack of scissors and some measuring spoons. Oh.

After doing a quick calculation of how much the contents added up to, I talked myself out of buying the cat/doll bed (FFS Lisa) and bedding. The total cost still almost hit triple figures but I have no regrets as buying festive wrapping paper in September is an absolute essential, right?


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  1. Lisa Valentine
    7th Oct 2018 / 10:02 pm

    Thanks Lyd. I went over to see her again today and it was lovely 💕 Ah, my Grandma is a proper native Bolton lass so we spent a lot of time in the area. Always loved our trips to Moss Bank Park 😊 xx

  2. 7th Oct 2018 / 8:48 pm

    So glad you were reunited with your grandma! Dementia is truly terrible, my heartstrings were definitely pulled reading your experience. I spent many a childhood afternoon in that butterfly house too!

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