Life Lately | October

Life Lately | October

November is here! For me, this generally means drinking hot chocolate, putting the fire on and lighting all of my candles whilst sinking into a hot bath; perfection. It’s also time for my October ‘Life Lately’ roundup!

This month I…

Moved House

I had been in my house for six years and never really had any intention of moving whilst the kids where still in education – until earlier this year.

I’d initially rented the house via an estate agent, paid my rent like clockwork, it was close to the girl’s school and we never had any issues. Well, until the landlady declared that she was going to be taking over the tenancy agreement herself and swiftly hiked up the monthly payments.

I accepted this as inflation and rejigged my household budget to accommodate the extra expense. Then came the inspections. They’d been changed from annually to monthly. I wasn’t too concerned as we’ve always looked after the house, recently spending £300 on a new coat of paint in all of the rooms and keeping it clean and tidy.

The landlady had a different opinion. Not content with rudely pointing out the dust on our light fittings (seriously, who bothers to dusts the light fittings with a full-time job and family to worry about? Not me; I’m clearly a disgrace), she then proceeded to look through our wardrobes unannounced; for what, I really don’t know. I haven’t the faintest clue how to grow cannabis and all that lives in there is an embarrassingly large selection of retro dresses that I never wear.

After moaning about the state of the carpets – which were almost threadbare when I moved in but she refused to replace them – she then said she’d see us next month and went off on her merry way, leaving me feeling a little bit violated and sweary.

I then received a call a few days later saying that she was dropping off a carpet for the stairs (it turned out to be second hand and stained) and could I get home in the next two hours. Given that, at that particular moment, it was a Saturday afternoon and I was harnessed up ready for a tree-top trek with kids in Manchester, the answer was no. She huffed and reluctantly agreed to come the following week instead.

Along with mooching around the bedrooms whilst I was at work (!) under the ‘guise of delivering said carpet, my eldest came home and walked into her bedroom to find the landlady’s young daughter sat on her bed. After a furious series of texts (me asking what the hell she was doing, her claiming she ‘thought she’d have a look around whilst she was popping in anyway’), I decided it was time for a change.

We moved house a few weeks ago and I’m looking forward to living there without the constant stress that we’ve endured over the last few months! I have since discovered that a) landlady’s behaviour was completely illegal b) that packing boxes is like a Cyrstal Maze challenge when you live with three nosey cats….

Celebrated Our First Wedding Anniversary

I was working on the day of our anniversary but in the evening, we enjoyed gorgeous a meal at Tattu, Manchester (well I managed three fork fulls of food before admitting defeat – see post below) and headed off to spend a few nights in York.

We’d been given some Airbnb credit to use after our New York apartment drama last year so booked a pretty little cottage named ‘The Garden Shed’. It was in the middle of nowhere with acres of stunning gardens and a lovely welcome basket to boot! We spent the weekend exploring York in the daytime and playing board games in the evening.

After spotting the now-famous ‘Yorkshire Pudding Wrap‘ trending across social media, we managed to hunt one down from The York Roast Co and my oh my! With beef, gravy, stuffing, mustard and an array of seasonal veg all flatted into a huge Yorkshire Pudding, it exceeded expectation. I only managed one measly bite before my throat started playing up but Adam ‘kindly’ finished it for me.

We also visited ‘The Shop That Must Not Be Named‘ and I simply couldn’t leave empty handed! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a quaint little place located on the Shambles and dedicated to all things Harry Potter. I can’t share my purchases with you guys just yet as they are Christmas gifts but it’s safe to say that my friends and family are rather lucky people after my willpower went out of the window.

I’ll be publishing a full post about our anniversary weekend soon so watch this space!

Tattu Manchester Food and Drink September 2017 That British Betty Blog

York Trip That British Betty Blog

Took An Emergency Trip To Hospital

For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with the muscles in my throat. They’ve been uncomfortably tight and last month, during a pretty severe asthma attack, they decided to add another level of fear to the already terrifying situation and go into spasm, leaving me gasping for breath; seriously, I thought I was going to die. Yes, I can be a drama queen on occasion but this time, I truly thought the Grim Reaper had come for me.

All that was going through my mind for those few moments was that I would never see my girls again as I pitifully clung to the living room curtains for stability, willing myself not to pass out (Megan was due home and I couldn’t bear the idea of her finding me like that).

I eventually got it under control with my inhaler but it left me shaken and feeling incredibly vulnerable; I cried more that night than I have all year. Fast forward a week and things got worse.

One particular Tuesday morning, my throat felt much more restricted than usual and by bedtime, it felt like was closing up. Combined with my asthma making an appearance, this was yet another horrifying experience and one that I never wish to repeat again. My pulse was racing, I couldn’t stop shivering and, in a panic, I asked Adam to call me an ambulance.

The paramedics arrived and swiftly took me to our local A&E with a shot of adrenaline and plenty of oxygen. Once I’d been admitted, the doctor said that we could rule out anaphylaxis. I was then referred to the ENT clinic and should wait for my appointment before going home six hours later.

Then I couldn’t eat – at all. Every time I tried, I simply kept choking and my throat muscles felt like a vice. So for four days, I lived off water and ended up in a pretty sorry state, losing over a stone in less than a week. My colleagues realised that something wasn’t right and after struggling to eat soup for lunch, one of them kindly drove me to our nearest walk-in centre that afternoon and sat with me until Adam finished work.

I cannot thank her enough for being proactive and making sure that this ridiculous situation didn’t continue longer than necessary (I’d fear I’d have dutifully staved to death whilst waiting for my appointment).

After five hours, I was seen by another doctor and booked in for a nasoendoscopy the next day. This was a pretty unpleasant procedure, involving a camera being inserted up my nose and down my throat. It was roughly the width of a pencil and when the consultant asked me to swallow the camera, I promptly starting retching, followed by an episode of hysterical sobbing; snot and all.

After three more attempts and the retching/crying becoming a common theme, he gave up and said that all looked ok from the brief few seconds he got to witness, bar some scarring. I’m now on a liquid diet of soup and water (I cannot tell you how sad this makes me; food is one of my favourite joys in life) until I have a barium swallow in November.

The initial suspect is dysphagia caused by acid reflux (GERD) but it still feels like a constant noose around my windpipe and is making life pretty miserable right now. When I can eat again, I’m totally heading to Dominos and ordering the biggest pizza on the menu!

We also ended up making another terrifying trip to A&E last weekend with my eldest daughter but that’s another story for another day.

Anyway, enough of the ‘woe is me’ stuff – it’s safe to say that we’ve been rather busy! How was your October?

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