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Life Lately | October The hurrier I go, the behinder I get! – White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland. This should actually be my life motto given that my ‘Life Lately’ posts seem to be getting later and later. My general schedule has been kicked right up a notch since August and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down either so at this rate, you’ll be reading the November one in January! Anyhow, here’s what October looked like if you’re remotely interested.

Tried to escape an escape room

My dad’s side of the family likes nothing better than a day out so I suggested we get a team together and unleash our competitive sides at Breakout, Manchester. There were nine of us who were up for the challenge so we booked two separate rooms (they hold up to five people each), Enchanted and Forsaken.

I was placed with my dad, his partner, Lucie and my uncle in Enchanted while Adam teamed up with Meg, my cousin and her fella and took on the slightly more terrifying Forsaken. It took us about ten minutes to figure out where to begin and we had no strategy, just lots of shouting over one another and scrambling around.

Given our lack of planning and communication, we failed to escape our room, however, had lots of fun regardless. We did have about four hours sleep the night before as we’d been out seeing friends (and consumed lots of gin) so I blame that. The other team also failed to escape but that hasn’t stopped us booking in again for Round Two in December.

Life Lately October Breakout Manchester That_British_Betty_Blog

Made gin

Speaking of gin, I was invited to review the Three Rivers Gin distillery experience in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I said yes. I also took the opportunity to plan an overdue catch up with my friend Claire, who is a fellow fan of gin and happily came along as my plus one. There’ll be a full post for you to read on here next week so I won’t say much more, however, lots of booze fun was had by all.

Three Rivers Gin Experience Manchester That_British_Betty_Blog

Watched a lot of Netflix

With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Making a Murderer 2 (can we please talk about Episode 8?) and House of the Haunted Hill, not to mention a traditional movie fest on Halloween, Adam and I have certainly got our monies worth from our Netflix subscription this month and saw the ‘Screen of Shame’ on more than one occasion – you know, the ‘Are You Still Watching?’ judgy reminder that you’ve just binged on four hours of telly in one sitting.

Celebrated our second wedding anniversary

Adam and I enjoyed a low-key night away in Chester to celebrate two years as Mr and Mrs Valentine. It involved a night at the Hilton, battling Storm Callum, a day at Chester Zoo and lunch at the Oakfield, where we held our wedding reception in 2016. I’ll be sharing a dedicated blog post soon with plenty of animal pictures!

Chester Zoo That_British_Betty_Blog

Attended university open days

Megan is going to university next year so we’ve been attending lots of open days to see where she’d like to go. I never went to university (ironically, I was busy raising Megan as my friends were discovering Fresher’s Week) so it’s all very new to us both. After lots of debating, we think she’s found ‘The One’ so are now in a whirlwind of UCAS applications, personal statements and strange emotions.

Even though Meg will be flying the nest a year later than planned, I’m (selfishly) still not quite ready to let go. Long story short, she started sixth form after leaving school and hated it. After a year, she quit and secured an apprenticeship at a local hospice, much to my initial concern. Megan then went on to win ‘Apprentice of the Year’, gain lots of praise from her colleagues and has flourished in her chosen field.

I learnt that apparently, mum doesn’t always know best so I ate lots of humble pie while reminding myself to butt the fuck out and let my daughter make her own life choices. As we looked around Halls of Residence and heard all about how tough but rewarding an adult nursing degree is, I also discovered that I am absolutely going to be that mum who cries loudly whilst dropping their child off to embark on uni life – soz in advance Meg.

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