Life Lately | December

Life Lately | December

So it’s January! Not my favourite month of the year to be honest but it does mean that it’s time for my (belated) December ‘Life Lately’ roundup.

This month I…

Went on my works Christmas do

The Viva team (most of us anyhow) headed into Manchester for a few drinks at the Christmas markets before enjoying a meal at Artisan.

I’d never been to Artisan before but had heard good things. Located in Spinningfields, it was a super trendy but with a nice atmosphere, Insta-worthy lighting and the food was superb. After the meal, I opted for a few mocktails before moving on the alcohol.

I’d ordered a gingerbread cocktail and was rather bemused when the barmaid lit (!) a cinnamon stick to add as a garnish.  All that I could think about was that scene from ‘Love Actually’ where Rowan Atkinson’s character faffs about wrapping a necklace for Harry (played by Alan Rickman), adding lavender and all kinds other unnecessary touches.

Maybe I’m not a ‘real’ hipster after all…

Watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My love of Star Wars has escalated somewhat over the past ten years and this movie had been high on my radar for months. The only time that Adam and I could actually set a cinema date was on Boxing Day so I spent a week or so desperately trying to avoid spoilers.

Filling up a dark cherry slushie, I sat down to watch the film in anticipation. Seeing Carrie Fisher on screen again gave me all of the feels (she’s one of my personal heroes IRL), however, the storyline? Not so much. I’m not going to say much more on here as The Force Awakes seems to have divided opinion and I don’t want to give anything away for those who have yet to watch it.

I just felt that it was a bit too drawn out and had a faint whiff of fan fiction throughout. Do you agree?

Life Latley Decemeber round up That British Betty Blog

Enjoyed a break

The build-up to Christmas was intense. Like most other people, I was busy ensuring that all of my work was finished and ready for me to leave the office for a week whilst trying to create a ‘perfect’ Christmas at home/for friends and family (shout to those who don’t have the luxury of a break over the festive period, like my own Mama. Big respect to you all!).

Of course, this led to more than one emotional outburst/snotty meltdown and I vowed to not put quite as much pressure on myself next year. Everything went to plan, my out of office was switched on and I enjoyed some much-needed time with my loved ones. We even went out on NYE which hasn’t happened in years!

This limbo period also consisted of lazing about in my pyjamas, reading books, watching all of Black Mirror S4 in one sitting and drinking copious amounts of gin. Bring on next Christmas, eh?

Discovered a new gin

On that note, my wonderful sister and brother-in-law bought me gin for Christmas, alongside other treats, and it changed my world. Ok, so that may be an exaggeration but it was pretty epic all the same.

Masons gin is born and bred in Yorkshire and a brand that I hadn’t actually heard of before. I’d been gifted two bottles; one tea and the other lavender. Tea. Gin. (I said that in a Peter Kay ‘garlic bread’ kinda voice in my head). Despite my initial reservations, I mixed a shot with Fever Tree Lemon tonic and oh my.

It tasted like a very moreish iced tea which went down way too quickly. I decided to savour the lavender one and mixed it with the Medditarian Fever Tree tonic for a floral vibe and it also worked perfectly. Give it go if you get the chance, trust me!

Abandoned a trip to the zoo 

My husband has a soft spot for red pandas (in a non-creepy way, obvs) so for Christmas, I bought him a Red Panda Experience day at South Lakes Zoo. I’d booked it for the 28th December as he was due back in work on the 29th so we set off on the M65 bright and early…only to soon find ourselves stuck in a snow shower that wasn’t slowing down!

We’d passed a pretty awful accident about ten minutes previously so I decided to come off the motorway until the weather cleared a little. We sat in an empty pub car park and watched a blanket of snow cover the road ahead.

After seeing car skid straight across the roundabout to the slip road, my nerves kicked in and Adam and I both agreed that it was probably safest to turn around a go home. I set off and felt my wheels spin, leaving my heart in my mouth for the entire journey.

We spoke to the zoo who were lovely and have re-arranged our experience day so watch this space!

How was your December?

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