Life Lately | December 2018

Life Lately | December 2018 Of course, my December instalment of ‘Life Lately’ is going to be all about Christmas. To be honest, everything I did in December pretty much revolved around the 25th so brace yourself for a rambling fuelled by all things festive today.

Celebrated Christmas

When it comes to Christmas Day itself, there are lots of things to consider – and I don’t just mean the food, gifts and how much sherry Auntie Joan is allowed to consume before she ends up face down on the sofa at 3pm.

Being part of a couple means that we have two sets of families to think about and this in itself can become a logistical nightmare. My family don’t really ‘do’ big Christmas get-togethers so for the past few years, we’ve spent Christmas Day with Adam’s family in Wales.

This time though, Megan had plans on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, meaning we’d have to drive from our house to Wales and back on Christmas Day. Also, we’d all been feeling a bit exhausted prior to December and had hoped to use the Christmas break to recharge the old batteries a bit.

We opted to spend Christmas Day at home for a change and, dear reader, it was wonderful; we ate, drank and generally got rather merry. No drama, no cats ruining the Christmas tree or burnt pigs-in-blankets. My dad and uncle popped by for a few hours of chocolate and board games which was fabulously nostalgic.

We spent Boxing Day in Wales with Adam’s folks and extended family (minus Megan, who was busy clubbing at The Warehouse Project in Manchester obviously).

Adam and I were both fortunate enough to have time off work so we filled the other days catching with various sets of friends and family, baking – I discovered the pure joy of homemade boozy eggnog – and lazing about at home in a Netflix coma.

I’m a loyal fan of Black Mirror and Bandersnatch blew my tiny mind. So much so that I spent FOUR HOURS ‘trying’ all of the possible outcomes.

New Year’s Eve was a low-key affair at home with a bottle of fizz while we opened our memory jar and got sucked into another Netflix black hole – a lovely way to say goodbye to 2018.

How was your Christmas and New Year?

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