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Life Lately | August August has been pretty uneventful really. A nice change of pace but it’s left me with little content for this post (being a blogger, the worry of being boring as fuck is real – and also very accurate in my case). There were a few mildly notable events though so here’s what I got up to:

Started Christmas Shopping

Yeah, the ‘C’ word. I’m the girl who usually leaves all of my Christmas shopping until 20 December than panic buys everything online (whilst begrudging paying for Next Day Delivery, despite having only myself to blame).

I had a few ideas floating around but then saw that one of the items I was going to buy anyway was on sale. Before I knew it, my bank account was emptier than normal and I’d bought my first gift of 2018. Then it escalated. I saw another bargain shared in a Facebook group (I only joined to laugh at the beef on there but it’s proved rather helpful) and purchased another little haul.

In my defence, I vividly remember just how dire January was, waiting five weeks for payday to roll around and refusing to put the heating as I’d blown my budget with said panic buying. My lovely friend Anoushka was less than impressed and rightly so. I just don’t know who I am anymore…

Booked an impromptu break (that was not meant to be)

We can’t afford an indulgent trip abroad this year so had booked a few days away in New Quay, Wales thanks to some Airbnb credit and savvy shopping around. However, the trip ended before it began and I had a full-on mental breakdown, so that was nice. You can read the full story here.

Got some new glasses

I warned you it’d been a dull month. I rarely wear glasses these days, preferring my trusty contact lenses, however, my back up pair of glasses was literally being held together with sellotape (!) so I reluctantly purchased some more. Glasses generally make my face look like a potato so this wasn’t a joyous task. I eventually settled on a budget pair of dusky pink frames – that I later discovered are a dead ringer for Deirdre Barlow’s famous spectacles (her off of Coronation Street). Good job Lisa…

There have been a few other things, such as Adam and I taking an impromptu trip to the beach, attending a Felix Hagan house party (best night ever) and reviewing the Bolton Food and Drink Festival but all in all, it’s been pretty ordinary. How was your August?

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  1. 2nd September 2018 / 8:55 pm

    ‘I only joined to laugh at the beef’ I’m so guilty of doing that too, I love sitting with a snack as the drama unfolds! I’m so sorry your trip went tits up, I have everything crossed that a travel blog opp comes your way to get you away somewhere lovely for a night or two x

    • 2nd September 2018 / 10:06 pm

      Haha, I thought I was just a massive weirdo. Flipping love those groups 🤣 Thanks so much lovely. I’ve done plenty of re-evaluating since then so hopefully, we can get away soon with less drama (and a babysitter firmly in place!) Xx

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