Freddie’s Flowers | Subscription Review

Freddie’s Flowers | Subscription Review

“I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck” – Anon

Despite being a professional jeweller in my past life (random Lisa Valentine trivia for you there), I still prefer the beauty of blooms over gems any day of the week.

I rarely get the chance to enjoy them as I’m a rather frugal with my hard-earned pennies so they tend to be a treat that’s strictly for special occasions.

When Freddie’s Flowers asked if I’d like to receive a bunch of flowers for review purposes, I thought they’d help to cheer up the dark and cold evenings whilst adding a touch of ‘pretty’ to our new home (amid the endless cardboard boxes and suitcases – we’re still embarrassingly behind with unpacking).

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Here’s a little bit about Freddie’s Flowers:

Freddie Garland is the name behind the flowers (yes, that is his real surname). He was brought up by florist parents and is now on a mission to add ‘a little bit of zen joy to homes across the country by delivering gloriously fresh flowers’.

For £22 a week, you can have a box of beautiful fresh blooms delivered straight to your door. I found the website is a little bit lacking in practical details (subscription options, location etc) but they have a beautifully designed, informative blog and the images are a work of art!

I’ll be honest, I felt a bit spoilt when a huge box of flowers arrived at the office, much to the curiosity of my colleagues. When I say a huge box, I’m not kidding; it was massive!

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A few hours later, I opened it at home to discover an abundance of luxurious long-stemmed white roses, delicate lisianthus and eucalyptus. The lemony waxflower that was supposed to be inside had been replaced with extra roses which was initially disappointing as the waxflowers give off a beautiful, citrusy smell.

However, Freddies Flowers did pop a note in the parcel to explain that frankly, the stems weren’t good enough to send out their customers and I was impressed that they had such good quality control.

It’s also worth noting that Freddie’s Flowers has some of the freshest, funkiest branding that I’ve seen in a long time. I have a ‘thing’ for fonts and liked the handwritten style of the packaging and informative leaflets provided.

I’ve had these flowers for more than two weeks and they’re still going strong. Although £22 a week is slightly outside of my modest budget, they’d make a beautiful gift/treat for yourself or a loved one and the quality has exceeded any other bunch of flowers that I’ve had before.

Have you tried Freddie’s Flowers yet?

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*I was sent this bunch of flowers for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own as always. 

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  1. 19th November 2017 / 2:25 pm

    I actually got sent this same bouquet as a birthday present and I loved them so much. They lasted absolutely ages which was so impressive, and they looked beautiful. I also totally know what you mean about the gorgeous font and the massive packaging, haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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