Bookish Prints With Spineless Classics | Review

Bookish Prints With Spineless Classics | Review

‘Why sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast’ – Alice In Wonderland

As a child, I was known for being a complete book worm. I could always be found hidden away (usually in our awesome tee pee or little wooden hideout at the bottom of the garden) with a book or two, emerging myself in a fantasy world of pirates, animals or whatever topic I was obsessed with at that particular time.

This has followed me into adulthood and I love nothing more that settling down on the sofa with a pot of tea and good book. My bookshelf is filled to the brim and takes pride place in my living room. Visitors will also find plenty of bookish nods nestled in our home decor, from framed quotes to book character trinkets dotted around the place.

When Spineless Classics asked if I’d like to review one of their fabulous book prints, I jumped at the chance! I headed over to their website and browsed through the collection of goodies on offer. It took me a good hour to settle on just one print as there are so many great choices available; Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Roald Dahl and Sir Terry Pratchett are just a few of the titles on offer.

My baby niece is due this Christmas so I think I’m going to buy this set of gorgeous Peter Rabbit set of cards to create a framed collage for her bedroom. As a child, Beatrix Potter was one of my top 3 authors and the colourful images, combined with the classic text, are just too pretty to resist (and at just £21.99, they’re a bit of bargain!)

Alice In Wonderland was another big childhood favourite of mine, so this black and white poster was the natural choice. My parcel arrived neatly in a cardboard tube to ensure safe transportation. I unpacked the poster and upon first impressions, noticed how crisp and clear the text was.

I decided to pop my Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland print into a large white frame to hang in my bedroom (I tried for ages to get a decent photograph of this and failed miserably thanks to rubbish winter lighting. If you want to see the poster in it’s full glory, you can head on over to the website)


Every print has an entire book on one page to create an image. What’s even more impressive is that the text is actually legible enough to read, so I’ve found myself cramming a paragraph or two in every time I walk past it!

Spineless Classics prints make the ideal gift for fellow literary lovers and I already have my eye on a few more to add to my collection, ready to adorn our new place when we move house in the New Year.

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