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Recently, the good people at Marks and Spencer (M&S to most of us) asked if I’d like to test out their ‘Best Ever Burgers’. Given that we’ve fallen into a new tradition of firing up the BBQ whenever the football is on, the timing was pretty ideal.

I’m not particularly interested in the ‘beautiful game’ myself – unless England are playing in the World Cup and suddenly, I’m all patriotic, singing songs about ‘it’ coming home and boasting about Kieran Trippier being from my hometown.

But I digress. Like 89%* of my fellow Brits, quality is key for me when it comes to burgers. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You nip over to a friend’s house for a good old BBQ and a beer, only to be greeted by gritty, flat burgers that you politely attempt to nibble your way through whilst contemplating how you can subtly get rid of them before your host notices.

So, what does the perfect burger look like to us Northerners – more specifically, those in the North-West?

  • People in the North West have munched over 360,000 M&S burgers in the last 12 months; that’s enough to fill Old Trafford Stadium nearly five times over
  • The North West is the biggest fan of veggie burgers
  • Footie fanatics- more than anywhere else in the UK, people in the North West prefer to eat their burgers whilst watching sport
  • The North West’s favourite burger bun is topped with sesame seeds

Using the phrase ‘Best Ever’ on any product is always a bold move but these guys really have done their homework. Kirsty Adams, M&S Meat Product Developer and the creator of ‘Our Best Ever Burger’ said:

We spent a year obsessively developing Our Best Ever Burger, crafted from specially selected cuts of British beef and a hint of bone marrow for that extra special flavour. To create a restaurant-quality burger to be enjoyed at home, we sampled nearly 100 different burgers from restaurants around the UK, but the true inspiration came from New York.

“Being so passionate about burgers, we wanted to find out about the nation’s burger habits and we were surprised to see just how much variation there is across the UK. We found regions differed in their favourite flavours and toppings, as well as when and where they eat them. It’s undeniable that the perfect burger has a personal stamp and Brits can’t get enough of them!”


So, what was our verdict? I’ve always made it clear on here that, regardless of particular items being gifted or sponsored, I would always be a hundred percent honest when writing reviews.

Happily, these burgers lived up to their name – Lucie, Adam and I could not fault them one bit! They stayed perfectly plump after cooking, retaining plenty of juice without any off-putting greasy residue.

They could genuinely rival any gourmet restaurant burger hands down and happen to be gluten-free which is handy when catering for my coeliac friends. Along with M&S brioche buns, dips, tortillas, salads and more, this experience has really upped the game for our future BBQs.

Marks and Spencer’s Best Ever Burgers are available in-store at £3.50 for a pack of two, and online, costing £14 for a pack of 8. Thank you M&S for adding an extra level of luxury to our BBQ!

*Source: https://corporate.marksandspencer.com/documents/reports-results-and-publications/m-and-s-burger-reportv2-.pdf

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