Bonfire Night With Grandads Sausages

Bonfire Night With Grandads Sausages

When you think of Bonfire Night, what image does this conjure up for you?

For me, it’s all about heading to a local display with my family, standing around a huge bonfire with sparklers and the distinctive smells and sounds of fireworks in the air. But most importantly? It has to be the food!

Wrapping my cold hands around a mug of hot Vimto or a pot of vinegar-laced black peas (can you tell I’m Northern?) whilst watching the sky light up is one of my favourite things in the world.

At home, we tend to cook a big batch of chilli, jacket potatoes, sausages and parkin cake. So when Grandads Sausages asked if I’d like to try some of their artisan sausages for National Sausage Week, the timing couldn’t have been better.

I like to shop local where possible and Grandads Sausages fit the bill perfectly. These guys hail from my very own hometown of Bury; famous for Black Pudding, Sir Robert Peel, Danny Boyle, Victoria Wood and erm, Helen Flanagan (!)

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A family business that has been in operation for over fifty years, this venture was started by ‘Grandad Bernard’ and is now in the safe hands of grandson Michael and his business partner, Matthew. In fact, Michael even made the trip to our house this week to hand deliver these samples.

If you do follow these guys on social media, then you may already be familiar with their love of puns. The line ‘putting a smile on Grandmas face for over 50 years’ definitely made me do a childish snigger (I never claimed to be a ‘proper’ grown up, did I?)

They even supply to some of my favourite Manchester eateries, including The Banyan Tree and Sams, Toms and Alberts Chop House, to name just a few.

I used the pork and fiery chilli sausages to make these awesome Bonfire Night hot dogs. I grilled them for around 20 minutes and was surprised how just how little fat this produced – a refreshing change from the greasy offerings of the local supermarket. We then popped them on some freshly baked petit pain topped with caramelised red onion and baked cherry tomatoes, with a side of spicy wedges and Boston beans.

The Old English was paired with incredible, buttery mash made by my lovely husband and roasted spouts with garlic, sprinked with fresh parmesan for a teatime treat.

I’ll use the sausage meat tomorrow to make my famous ‘Rigatoni al Forno’ (AKA posh sausage pasta) which you may even find featuring on Grandads Sausages brand new website in the New Year. Watch this space!

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