Summer Nights With The Soho Juice Co | Review

Summer Nights With The Soho Juice Co | Review

Manchester! Do you remember that ONE nice day of summer we had a few weeks ago? Yeah me too...*sobs*

We’re not fortunate enough to have much of a garden at home so on that rare, sunny evening, Megan, Adam and I decided to head out to our local park for an impromptu picnic and some quality time together.

I often forget that we are located in a pretty gorgeous part of England and breathing in the stunning local scenery made for a refreshing change. When the sun is shining over the mass of green hills, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.What better setting than sat in the countryside on a picnic blanket, winding down after a day at work with my gorgeous family?

Now I’m not a huge drinker but do enjoy a large gin and tonic or fruity cocktail on occasion. The Soho Juice Co kindly sent me a sample of their signature cucumber drink, along with a few spirits so I was keen to try them out. With the weather being so lovely, it had definitely got me in the mood for a tipple!

There are various cocktail recipes on the Soho Juice Co website, however, I decided to keep it simple with a shot of gin, fresh mint leaves, a twist of lime and ice, all mixed together with my Soho Juice.

The juice has a subtle cucumber taste without being too overpowering. On the first sip, I wasn’t convinced – it reminded me of a salad – but as I worked my way through the cocktail, it grew on me! The tangy lemon and lime flavours complemented the gin wonderfully and the mint flavouring was enhanced by adding mint leaves. Fresh and distinctive, the Soho cocktail made for an ideal summer beverage.

I was kind of sad that I only had one bottle of Soho Juice as this little cocktail was right up my street – I imagine this would go down well on one of my Mexican-themed nights with nachos, tequila shots and good friends!

I think I’m going to try and freeze this mixture next time to make some cooling, alcoholic ice lollies. Maybe if I hide them with the frozen peas, Megan and her friends won’t notice them…

Do you have a favourite cocktail recipe? Feel free to share the love in the comments section below!


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