The Importance Of Downtime

The Importance Of Downtime That-British-Betty-Blog

A little while ago, I was looking at the online HR system that we use at work and realised that I still had some annual leave to take before the new year. I had no plans (nor the funds) to book a last minute getaway yet didn’t want to lose my paid holiday allowance once January rolled around.

I decided to book a few days off at the end of November/early December and to simply see what plans may unfold.

On the first day of my leave, Megan also had some time off so we spent the day in Manchester browsing the markets, playing crazy golf and daytime drinking (my Mother of the Year award is pending).

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Adam was working from home so we enjoyed a lazy morning together, with him working on his laptop as I caught up on some blogging/life admin on the sofa. In the afternoon, I deep-cleaned the house and drank Bucks Fizz whilst putting the Christmas tree up.

By the third day, the ‘fear’ had set in and was left twiddling my thumbs. When I’m at home, I can’t relax until the chores are done or if I know the food shop needs doing and so on. Instead of fretting, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The house was already clean, there was nothing on my ‘to do’ list and I’d already finished my Christmas shopping so I decided to wing it.

At 11am that morning, I ran a bubble bath and soaked for an hour whilst reading a book – a bath in the daytime! How very decadent. I then drove to my local coffee shop and bought myself a ‘posh’ coffee before going home to clean my car out (sad but I’d been putting it off for months, there was food older than my niece hidden behind the seats and it made me feel rather achieved afterwards).

In the afternoon, I binged watched several episodes of ‘Luther’, batch cooked some lovely, healthy food and fought the urge to ‘do’. I joked with Adam that I’d make a fabulous Lady of Leisure (although I know full well that I’d be bored within a week of being at home).

I think what I was feeling was contentment. Allowing myself to truly switch off and enjoy a small snippet of indulgence and solitude was something I never knew I needed yet had such a massive impact on my overall wellbeing.

When I went back to work, I felt refreshed and was suddenly aware of just how mentally bogged down I’d felt prior to my break. I discovered that it really is good for the soul to enjoy some downtime and I truly hope you have the chance to experience this for yourself over the festive period. Peace x

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