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Last month, Adam and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. There’s no denying that it’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster since we said ‘I Do’ but on the whole, I think we’ve done alright so far. Year Two brought along a house move, plenty of ups and downs and pretty much everything in between, however, we developed a much stronger relationship as we began to really settle into married life.

As a couple, we’re not really about the fancy lifestyle so decided to spend a low-key night at the Hilton Doubletree in Chester to mark the beginning of our third year as Mr and Mrs Valentine – luckily, childcare had been sorted well in advance this time (yes the girls are 18 and 15 years old but it turns out that babysitters are still very much an important part of planning a trip away to prevent any meltdowns).

We had planned on spending a day in the city of Chester (apart from one drunken night out a few years ago, I haven’t really been back since I went on an immensely dull school trip circa 1993) but Storm Callum put paid to that. The rain was relentless which made the drive down somewhat perilous and I definitely didn’t spend most of the journey clutching the passenger seat and whimpering…

Plan B was to relax in the hotel instead, which I was secretly thrilled about as I’d been feeling a bit burnt out on the lead up to our mini-break so a night of ‘nothingness’ was welcomed with open arms. Not long after we’d unpacked, the door to our hotel room flung open and in rolled housekeeping; an intrusion that could have been rather embarrassing for all involved if we weren’t just chilling on the bed with a cup of tea like the rock star couple we are.

Adam and I lazed about in the spa then enjoyed a drink and food in one of the hotel restaurants, The Garden Room. I was bitterly disappointed about the fact that they don’t serve cocktails – I’d been fantasising over a sexy Espresso Martini or two all week – but Adam told me to stop being ‘that’ person and get over it. Instead, we dined on overpriced pizza and I settled for a G&T #FirstWorldProblems.

Chester Zoo Wedding Anniversary That_British_Betty_Blog

The next morning, we drove around the corner to Chester Zoo. Neither of us had actually been back since we held our wedding reception at Oakfield Manor back in 2016 so it was long overdue. We’d been graced with another day of persistent rain and galeforce winds so we legged it straight to the gift shop and bought a brolly for me and a poncho for Adam (if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a little video of Adam sporting said poncho – LOL).

It transpired that most of the resident animals at Chester Zoo enjoy the rain as much as I do, so had decided to hide away for most of the day. Sensible for them, a little sad for us. That said, we did see a baby Gollum monkey, showing off her new arrival by the glass.

The elephants were possibly the only animals who loved the downpours (and ducks, obvs) so we stood watching them splashing about for a good 20 minutes or so. We also saw sun bears which are properly awesome and free-flying bats in the Bat Cave – no Bruce Wayne in sight though sadly.

Oakfield Manor has been refurbished since our last visit and is now known as ‘The Oakfield’. With a beautiful extension, I was kind of sad to see it looking so different. A friend bought us a copy of ‘The Zoo’ as a wedding gift and it’s since become one of my most-loved reads. Written by June Mottrom, she shares plenty of anecdotes and gives an insight into the world of growing up at Chester Zoo, it’s rich heritage and beyond.

After filling our bellies with coffee, soup, steak and cheesecake, we strolled through the grounds and breathed in the Autumnal atmosphere, with leaves of all colours everywhere and squirrels foraging for food. Our little break was a timely reminder to not lose ‘us’ in the midst of hectic work schedules, family life and the general humdrum of everyday life. Here’s to Year Three, whatever it may bring.

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  • Lyd

    Oh bless you, you don’t have the best luck with getaways! I’m glad that you still had a ball despite a few hiccups. I hope year 3 is a calm and happy one.

    PS: that baby monkey DEFO has a look of Gollum! My preciousss

    21/11/2018 at 11:06 am Reply
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