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Give Yourself Permission to Change Growth That British Betty Blog

Change can be a funny thing; some people hate it, some people embrace it but one thing that’s certain is that change is indeed inevitable.

When I little, I loathed eating anything spicy yet now curry is one of my favourite foods. I once liked watching horror movies and now they fill me with dread. Of course, these are pretty small and insignificant examples but you get the picture.

My point is that the more your world expands, the more you experience new things and the more you met people from different walks of life, you are inadvertently educated and may begin to question what you once believed.

Your values and goals may also change, along with practical things that may be out of your control, such as relocating, bereavement and health issues.

I’m certainly not the same person I was 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. The curveballs – both good and bad – that life has thrown me over the years have forced me to change my core being and in hindsight, it’s not necessarily been a bad thing.

The easily-influenced and immature 16-year-old me who had zero self-belief has gradually been replaced by a secure woman who readily speaks up against those who don’t respect her boundaries.

I have unapologetically reinvented my life on numerous occasions for the sake of my own wellbeing by leaving behind jobs that put too much pressure on my mental health, by cutting off people who brought toxic, negative energy with them and I stopped comparing myself to others as I became comfortable in my own skin.

It’s not always easy and at times, it’s been utterly terrifying. Leaping into the unknown can be incredibly uncomfortable and doesn’t always work out but I’m always proud that I was at least brave enough to try.

Often, these changes don’t sit well with people around you; I’ve personally heard the words ‘you’ve changed’ many times. Initially, this made me question if it was for the better but now my response is simply: “I do hope so!”.

You are allowed to change. You are allowed to grow and learn and bloom and thrive. I also know that taking the opportunities to change my own life has been so very freeing. It’s allowed me to shed grudges and been an absolute necessity to prevent me from becoming bitter and unfulfilled.

If you stay stuck in the same mentality your whole life, you’re in very real danger of becoming stuck in the past, tunnel-visioned and miss out so many chances to grow as a person. For me, that’s even scarier than the uncertainty that comes with change.

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