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Oversharing Online | My Blogging Boundaries The very nature of a blog is to share at least some elements of your life online. My own blog is a ‘Dear Diary’ lifestyle site and I’ll always be as transparent as I can with my readers. It was initially created as a personal venture, a visual record of my memories and a cathartic outlet – four years on, it’s still very much true to its roots.

While I follow plenty of fashion, beauty and food bloggers, the ones that I adore most of all are those that make me feel like I’m having a coffee with a friend when I read their posts; something that’s actually quite hard to find in the blogosphere. Dorkface, Polkadot Pink, What Lyd Did and Last Year’s Girl are just a few examples of the ones I seek out when I fancy a good, authentic lunch break read.

However, there are some things that I purposely hold back when it comes to sharing content on my own blog:

Other Peoples Stories 

The reason that my blog may seem rather self-indulgent is that it is! I’ll happily share my own opinions and plans without question, however, don’t be fooled into thinking that everything in my life is posted on here. There are plenty of experiences and updates that get omitted from my blog quite simply because they’re not my stories to tell. From happy news to the more somber occasions, there are so many things that I simply won’t publish as they involve people who opt to keep their lives private and I have to respect that.

Sex Life

Let’s face it, no-one wants to read about that. Or more importantly, this is not something that I want to share with the world/my relatives/colleagues/daughters. It’s one of the few things that I like to keep strictly out of the public eye and to be honest, is something I’m quite private about in general. Whatever happens in that department will categorically never be shared online.

My Past (mostly)

There are so many events from my past that I wish I could change. Things that have left me traumatised, things that I wish I’d left behind much sooner than I ultimately did and things that I’m not even ready to deal with on a private level yet. For years, I wasted so long ruminating over the past and, although I know it’s healthy to occasionally address these events in order to really move forward, they’re not something that I want to be part a of my blog.


My job has never been a secret, however, it is filled with lots of strictly confidential content. I work closely with various clients and, although the day to day stuff is generally quite ordinary, there are a few occasions where I’d love to be able to share details of exciting campaigns I’m working on with you all, the things that I’m particularly proud of when I see them come to fruition but alas – you’ll have to make do with pictures of coffee and my messy desk instead.


It would be easy to assume that my life is hunky-dory when browsing through my ramblings. I am admittedly prone to sharing the odd grumble or snippet of less than ideal situations but I never share details of disagreements with other people. I try to stay out of drama in general so sharing the nitty gritty of any beef that does go down on my blog would be a rather silly thing to do. Oh and I don’t fancy getting sued for libel either.

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  1. 18th October 2018 / 8:40 pm

    My general rule of thumb has always been if there’s anybody, no matter how unlikely, that I could imagine not wanting to read what I’ve written then I should think twice about publishing it. It’s something I learned the hard way. I’m the author of my own story – I don’t own anybody else’s.


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