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*These items were gifted to me for the purpose of this review, however, all options are my own as always

There’s something a little bit magical about scents. The way they can evoke powerful emotions and memories in an instant, transporting you to a certain country, place or event is so very powerful.

We all have them. Whenever I smell the particular aftershave/perfume that Adam and I (respectively) wore on our wedding day, it takes me back to a chilly October afternoon in New York City, trying to hail a cab in Times Square with my veil flying around in the breeze as onlookers barely battled an eyelid.

Just a momentary whiff of lemon reminds me of balmy evenings in Sorrento with the girls, sipping on ice cold limoncello and eating fresh fish by the coast. Cinnamon reminds me of hibernating in the kitchen and whipping up sugary Christmas culinary delights while White Musk and Anaïs Anaïs remind me of my mum circa 1992.

I personally missed out on the swinging 60’s/70’s (I’m a child of the 80’s) however, I did grow up with a fascination for all things vintage – and it’s something that never really went away.

That said, it’s the first time that I’ve ever come across Aqua Citra and Aqua Manda fragrances; despite their massive popularity, they’ve somehow managed to fly beneath my retro radar until now.

The packaging of both Aqua Citra and Aqua Manda is simple yet striking with bright, flower power designs and appealed to my vintage side immediately.

They were iconic in the seventies (even though Aqua Citra was originally launched in 1947) so I’m sure they’d be gratefully received by someone who remembers that period first-hand; a nostalgic treat that has stood the test of time. Or even as a gift for a member of the younger generation who’s looking for a classic and bold scent.

Aqua Citra is a sharp, zingy perfume with top notes of a bergamot, lemon, verbena and star anise with a fresh middle layer of peach, geranium, damask rose and green leaves. There’s also a hint of soft musk led by fir and cedar, making it a nice daytime fragrance.

RRP £39.99 for 100ml /

Aqua Citra Perfume Review That British Betty Blog

Aqua Manda on the other hand is rich and spicy. With ingredients such as mandarin orange, ginger, lavender, pachouli, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tarragon and juniper berries, it’s a complex, musky mix that is hard to forget.

Both perfumes have also been approved by the original creator of the Aqua Manda fragrance, Christopher Collins, who has acted as an advisor on its relaunch, making the fragrance as close as possible to the original.

RRP £39.99 for 100ml /

Aqua Manda Retro Vintage Perfume Review That British Betty Blog

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  • Claire Thomas

    I like the sound of both of these… I need to find me some testers. I am after a new day time perfume which has a bit more oomph than my current one!

    01/03/2019 at 9:36 pm Reply
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