Festive Fun With Joanie Clothing

Festive Fun With Joanie Clothing That British Betty Blog

Introducing Joanie Clothing; a relatively new brand on the UK vintage-inspired fashion scene. Stemming from a simple idea back in December 2015, they are now creating quite the buzz online. 

Being a big fan of vintage repro – a style that makes up around 85 per cent of my entire wardrobe – I feel there aren’t too many places that cater for this, so the appearance of Joanie Clothing made me pay attention from the start. Move over Lindy, there’s a new kid in town!

On Monday night, I headed into Manchester after work to attend a wonderfully festive event hosted by Joanie Clothing at Sugar Junction. Based in the Northern Quarter, Sugar Junction is somewhere that the kids and I visit fairly regularly – I highly recommend the afternoon tea – so looked forward to the evening ahead.

The vintage style tearoom was decorated beautifully, with trees, balloons and festive songs ringing through the air. I resisted the mulled wine and opted for an indulgent hot chocolate, presented in an adorable bone china cup and saucer.

Atsynibs were on hand to teach us all how to become masters of calligraphy. I’ve had a love affair with all things stationery-related since I can remember and envy those lucky people who’ve been gifted with elegant handwriting. Joyce taught me how to hold the pen correctly, how much ink to use, what techniques would produce the best outcome and so on.

I had a little practice and found myself concentrating intently. Once I was confident, I managed to make my very own gift tag. Small steps and all that jazz! Calligraphy is something that I’ve always admired yet never tried before and I found it surprisingly therapeutic. I did, however, manage to get ink all over myself, resembling a toddler.

Joanie Clothing Manchester Christmas Party Sugat Junction That British Betty BlogJoanie Clothing Manchester Chrsitmas Party Sugar Junction NQ That British Betty Blog Review

Browsing through the rails of clothing with my fellow bloggers, I found myself cooing over the stunning dresses, knitwear and accessories on offer. I managed to grab myself a turkey and stuffing sandwich and a mince pie before reluctantly heading home – I may have whispered a secret goodbye to the dresses on my way out.

Lucie snaffled the glittery socks from my awesome Joanie goodie bag about five minutes after I opened it so I may have to replace those soon (AKA an excuse to indulge in more shopping).

I was also lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the new collection that will be arriving at Joanie Clothing HQ soon and oh my! You guys are in for a treat. I now have my eye on a beautiful black jacquard dress with a pearl collar, a beret, a striped circle skirt and some cat print goodies! (As a self-proclaimed cat lady, this particular range got me more excited than it probably should have)

Are you a #joaniegal yet?

Joanie Clothing Preview Christmas Party Sugar Juntion NQ Review That British Betty Blog

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  • Francesca

    This is a really fantastic blog post. It’s been really great to watch vintage trends influencing modern products, such as clothes and household items. As much as I love genuine vintage products, vintage inspired items are also really interesting, particularly when modern trends combine with vintage influences to create something completely new. Also, the vintage style tearooms I’ve been in have been really lovely, you feel like you’re being transported back in time!

    26/12/2016 at 6:20 pm Reply
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