Back to School: Teen Edition

Back to School: Teen Edition Now that my girls are growing up, the ‘Back to School’ madness seems to have changed somewhat. Gone are the days of spending hours trawling around the local shopping centre to find a mermaid pencil case or polo shirts that would endure more than two hours of felt tip marks and mud.

The backpacks have been replaced with handbags, cute pigtails swapped for designer makeup and don’t even get me started on the minefield that is shoes. Trying to adhere to the school rules of plain black non-branded footwear when my daughter wants to buy the latest trainers instead is a task that is aided by lots of gin coffee.

Lucie is embarking on her fourth year of high school this time and the notoriously important GCSE years. Not fancying taking on the Trafford Centre alongside thousands of other parents this summer, I opted for online shopping instead. Hurrah for modern technology!

My list consisted of practical things such as socks, stationery, shirts, skirts, a new blazer and the like. Lu, however, had a different vision, prioritising a new watch (rose-gold, obvs) and hair straighteners over a school tie; I knew right away that my negotiation skills were about to be put to the test.


Luckily, she’s inherited her mama’s love of stationery so that one was easy. I ordered her some personalised bits from Studio and, thanks to the slightly unusual spelling of her name, it means that her classmates won’t be able to pinch them. The unicorn planner is a handy addition for helping her map out study time during the week (which I’ll obviously have to make sure isn’t swapped for three hours on the Xbox).

Most teens rely on their phones to tell the time, however, Lu tends to accidentally break hers on a monthly basis so we decided that this year, a new watch wasn’t a terrible idea after all, and might even help her arrive at school on time…well, maybe. We did clash over what constitutes as a practical coat though. For me, it’s a waterproof mac with a hood. For her, a puffa jacket was the only possible option so that was that. I really must work on those previously mentioned negotiation skills, eh?

Her chosen bag was actually rather practical. In a pretty pale pink with a handy makeup bag attached (I think it’s meant to be used for cards, cash and such but Lu has decided that it’s the perfect way to sneak her favourite mascara into the classroom), it’s just the right size for her books and looks the part in a sea of style-conscious teenage girls.

Shop the look with Studio – if you sign up as a new customer, you can get free delivery with the code 089.


Personalised Floral Polka Dot Notepad – £6.99

Personalised Pen (Purple) – £2.99

Personalised Pencils (12) – £2.49

Personalised Pen (Pink) – £1.99

A5 Unicorn Desk Planner – £1.99

Dressing Gown – £9.99

Short Puffer Jacket – £17.99

Oasis Rose Gold Watch – £29.99

Zip Tote Bag – £9.99

Nicky Clarke Hair Straighteners – £19.99

*This post is sponsored by Studio as part of my ambassadorship 

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