The Weekend Post | Barmouth Bay & Portmeirion, Wales

The Weekend Post | Barmouth Bay & Portmeirion, Wales

Last Friday, Lucie headed off on her very first weekend away with school to Kingswood Adventure Park, Mold. To take advantage of the rare child-free weekend (and to distract my mama bear nerves about her ‘flying the nest’) Adam and I decided to join his family who were staying in Talybont, Wales.

At 5pm, I left the office behind for a few days and jumped in the car, ready for our 3.5 hour journey ahead. As we drove through the Welsh mountains, the evening sun was shining and really brought out the beauty of all the little villages we passed through en route. Fuelled by Costa, we finally arrived at the beautiful Barmouth Bay Holiday Park where Adams sister, brother-in-law and niece were staying. The beach was just a 2 minute walk away and a refreshing change from grey, noisy Manchester.

On Saturday morning, we took a trip to Portmeirion village. This has been on my bucket list for a long time after hearing wonderful things from my Mum. It was magical! An eclectic village, filled with mismatched, brightly coloured buildings, sculptures, fountains and beautiful flower-filled gardens. Based on the coast, it was built in 1925 and has a fascinating history – you can read more about Portmeirion and it’s founder here. It was also the set of the cult 70s TV show, The Prisoner so is seeped with interesting facts.

Portmeirion 1 That British Betty
We explored the various buildings; my personal favourite was a tiny place filled with seashells and mermaid sculptures, high up on the hill with a stunning view over the bay. We were very lucky that the sun was still shining; we could have been in Italy that day and not known the difference! Hotel Portmeirion is based in the village itself and is exquisite – I would love to stay here one day.

We made a pit stop at one of the cafes, enjoying pizza and Welsh lamb burgers for lunch then decided to take a walk around the gardens before hitting the ice cream shop; I ended up with the most delicious coconut ice cream cone! We then jumped on the train for a ride through the forest and enjoyed more breathtaking views. I fell utterly in love with this strange little place.

Portmeirion 2 That British Betty

Once back in Barmouth, our evening consisted of a beautiful walk along the coast, whilst I collected seashells like a child! Adam and I walked barefoot in the sand and I braved the sea for about 2 seconds before freaking out over seaweed touching my foot – shameful! We found some sand dunes so sat down in the grass to admire the view for half an hour and reflect on our fantastic day.
We headed back to the caravan and the grown ups indulged in homemade mojitos and board games through to the early hours of Sunday morning. Pints of generous rum cocktails plus Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary and a competitive boyfriend makes for a memorable evening, to say the least!

Portmeirion 3 That British Betty
We reluctantly headed home around the next morning due to other commitments. I wish we could have stayed a lot longer but hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to explore this picturesque part of Wales in more depth soon!

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