Why Do We Blog?

Why Do We Blog?

I’ve been blogging on and off for a good few years now.

I began this venture after spending several hours a week reading other people’s blogs in lieu of glossy magazines, writing travel reviews for various websites and this naturally progressed to creating my very own little corner of the internet.

From our adventures and days out to my favourite restaurants, blogging is a way to share chosen snippets of our life and interact with like-minded people along the way. Recently, it was insinuated that That British Betty was born out of self-indulgence and a need for attention. Once I stopped laughing at this rather narrow-minded assumption, it got me thinking; why DO bloggers…well, blog?

For me, it’s simply down to a love of writing. A creative outlet to discuss the things we do as a family, keep an online record of our travels and to talk about various observations/experiences – both good and bad. Does that make me self-indulgent? Perhaps, but is it so different from having a public Instagram or Twitter account? Surely blogging is simply an extension of these platforms.

The beauty of blogging is that those who chose to take interest can easily do so and the ones who don’t want to are perfectly capable of scrolling past. I chose to make this blog public as I like sharing things I discover with like-minded people, whether that’s a fabulous new product, hidden places to visit or a great recipe. I also still enjoy reading updates from the very bloggers that inspired my own blog in the first place; some weird human voyeuristic trait perhaps?

Adam and I both have traditional day jobs in order to provide for our family so it’s not about the money for me personally (although I know a lot of bloggers who earn a decent living from their sites alone). Again, it’s simply a hobby that has provided some fun opportunities and led to me writing articles for well-established publications, both online and in print, giving me a credible portfolio along the way.

Some people spend their free time on games consoles, at the gym, knitting, in the pub, skydiving or rock climbing (you get the idea…) but for me, coming home from work and spending a few hours writing is one of my favourite ways to relax and provides escapism from a busy lifestyle and responsibilities.

One thing that surprised me when I started blogging is the unexpected, legitimate friendships that came along. The online blogging community offers an overwhelming amount of support for one another. Sure, you get the odd troll every now and again but keyboard warriors are easily dealt with and for every miserable comment, there are a hundred positive ones to counter their negative efforts.

I posed this question to a group of fellow bloggers and was overwhelmed by the number of people who responded. The array of reasons are clear to see and shows just how diverse this huge world of blogging really is. Whether people choose to blog for money, opportunities, career progression, to raise awareness, keep a live journal or something else entirely, the bottom line seems to be clear; blogs are born from passion.

Why not grab a coffee, share the love and go and see what these guys are up to?

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I do it so I have an online diary of all the fun things we get up to and something for my kids to look back on –  Elaine from Entertaining Elliott

To raise autism awareness and to make a living so I can work from home and stay with my 4yo son (autistic) and my 2yo girl. I used to be a teacher and the workload and stress nearly broke meDanielle from Someone’s Mum

I blog for money. I do it to earn a passive income on top of my full-time job and I use the money to pay for thing like Holidays / Cars and whatever else we need as a familyJon from The Money Shed

I do it because so many people said I was inspirational with my weight loss story and asked me for advice I decided that rather than keep repeating myself I would blog. It has since become something I really enjoy as it means I am doing something for me which as a carer of a special needs child who can’t work is so importantJen from Just Average Jen

My husband works away during the week and I get bored! I started when my girls were 4 months old as I had just opted for voluntary redundancy and felt I’d lost my identity. I had just become a full-time SAHM so it was nice to have something that was solely for meBeth from Twinderelmo

I blog because I enjoy writing, I find it cathartic and I enjoy keeping a record of the little moments of my girls growing up. I also blog to help raise awareness of congenital heart defectsLousie from Little Hearts Big Love

Because the pregnancy guides and magazines and Emma’s Diary are unrelatable to many mums these days, including student and young mums. I started my blog as an antidote to that; to show the reality of pregnancy and motherhood when you don’t fit the conventional mouldMaddy from The Speed Bump

I began blogging as a way improving my families lifestyle. I knew that if I wrote interesting posts and reviews about local attractions then eventually we would be invited to local attractions without having to pay. I won’t say they are free as I put an awful lot of work in, but this way we get to do lots of interesting things that would not be available or affordable to us otherwiseNiki from Yorkshire Wonders

I just like to write. I like to talk about my family. I like that I can look back on our infertility journey and see exactly how “past me” was feeling. I can’t wait to show my daughter some of it when she’s older. I also like that we are raising awareness of LGBT families and how we are as “normal” as anyone else. Freebies are nice, but the writing is my favourite Laura from Mama, Eden and Me

I blog because I love writing. It is a bonus that it enables me to work with flexibility so that I can still care for my children and attend school events. Sharing dairy free and egg free recipes is something that I think helps people in a similar position to meBek from Dillydrops

Because I felt like I needed to remind myself that I am so much more than just a Mummy, and that my ideas and experiences within Early Years education as a professional and as a parent weren’t just going to be forgotten and go to waste….I wanted to put them to good use somehow. I have come across plenty of people (who I know personally) who have also made the mistake of thinking blogging is just to ‘show off’ – for me that couldn’t be further from the truthSarah from Arthurwears

I blog because I was lonely running a website! I loved what I did, and the topic I covered, but I felt very isolated. I also wanted my website to be more personal – I didn’t want to write about all the fabulous features for families on cruise ships, I wanted my kids to experience it, not read about it. So I rebranded as a travel blog, and it’s been amazing. I have people to talk to! I have people to ask questions when things don’t go right. And I have opportunities that I never had when I was writing posts for my website. I’ve always been a writer/editor – freelance from home for 15+ years – so I’m loving this whole ‘community’ that I’m now part of. It’s usually just me, the dogs and the four walls for company!Tracey from Pack The PJs

Catharsis. Writing over the last 4 years has kept me sane and saved me having to repeat yet more bad news many times. And the support of people behind screens has held me up when I couldn’t manage it on my ownJenny from The Brick Castle

I blog as an outlet. It started as a distraction, a way of escaping everything and ‘disappearing’ into something for a little pick-me-up. Also, I blog about home interiors, predominantly focusing on how to create your dream home when you’re not quite living in your dream home just yet (e.g. Renting/in a small home/on a tight budget etc), which I find isn’t always covered in magazinesSam from Dove Cottage

I started to blog to get the word out about my book. I self-published and one of the marketing tips was to blog. I really enjoyed writing and have now been doing it over a year and just hope that my topics help other parents. I hate a lot of attention so there’s no way that I’ve started for that. A lady recognised me at the gym and I was so embarrassed. It has now led to freelance work too so it’s been a great tool overallEmma from Emma Reed

I blog because, I don’t just love writing, it’s my life, I love sharing my stories, I love it when one person tells me that I inspired them, I love being able to reach and touch people I would never have met in real life. If it wasn’t for blogging and the fantastic response I get from people on my Facebook page I would have never believed in myself enough to go to uni and study English and Creative Writing Kerry from Kerry Kershaw Mummy Of Four

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  1. Kirsten Wick 12th April 2017 / 11:12 am

    This is a great post! Having moved to the UK, I can finally blog about the things that I’m really passionate about. I’ve had my blog for 3 years but it wasn’t the same in Germany. It is slowly developping into a business which is my heart and soul. Lots of love, Kirsten xx

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