The Bedtime Tag

The Bedtime Tag

I am a night owl by nature. Bedtime is my favourite time of the day and my bedroom is my sanctuary, my sacred little space away from the chaos of everyday life. 

When the lovely Natalie over at Handful Of Halfpennys tagged me in her latest post, I was more than happy to oblige. So here we go…

Describe your usual bedtime routine.

I like to shower, moisturise and enjoy some head space before getting into bed. I also ensure that the house is tidy alongside anything that needs doing for the next day (eg lunches, ironing uniforms, sorting dinner money) before I switch off.

What are your favourite pyjamas?

I’m alway cold, even in summer, so my favourite pyjamas are usually fleece polka dot bottoms, thick socks and a baggy jumper. Sexy, huh?

What is your current bedtime reading?

When we held our wedding reception at Chester Zoo last year, a good friend bought us a copy of ‘Our Zoo’ by June Mottershead. This is the story of her childhood at the zoo and is utterly fascinating. I’m almost finished now but am thoroughly enjoying this book.

What would I find on your bedside table?

Adam has a bedside table but I use the floor. It’s usually littered with food (I’m a biscuit fiend),  lip balm, my phone, books and water. Not very exciting…

What scent makes you sleepy?

I don’t really have a ‘sleep scent’. I do adore candles and melts though so always have something burning before bed, usually sweet fragrances such as cinnamon or coconut. Obviously, we ensure that these are not lit when we fall asleep!

What is your usual bedtime and wake-up time?

Again, I’m a night owl by nature so find it hard to force myself to end the evening and actually go to bed! I try and get into bed for around 11pm most nights, nodding off an hour or so later. On weekdays, I’m up by 6am for work. Weekends can be anything from 8am right through to midday, depending on how I’m feeling/what we have planned! I find that I always wake up tired regardless of the amount of sleep I get.

What are your top three bedtime products?

I always moisturise before bed, usually with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I don’t think it’s a ‘product’ but I love clean sheets washed with a nice fabric conditioner. I’m also a bit of bedding snob and sleep on cotton sheets with a high tog duvet and bamboo pillows to keep me cosy. I work in the home textiles industry so am a stickler for high-quality thread counts, luxury fabrics, fillings etc.

What is your most common sleeping position?

Either in my front or on my side. If Adam is away, I take full advantage of our king sized bed and sleep like a starfish.

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

My husband! Our three rescue cats usually try to sneak in our room at bedtime but I’m working on banning them as they keep me awake by running around playing and being a general nuisance at 3am (we’ve tried this before but they just end up scratching at the door all night – I think they have attachment issues…)

What is your worst bedtime habit?

Scrolling through my phone. I waste far too much time on Pinterest or Twitter before bed. The light from the screen is the worst thing for helping your brain relax so I must stop this at some point (probably won’t though, I’m a social media addict!)

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