The Sunshine Blogger Quiz

The Sunshine Blogger Quiz

I don’t know about you guys but I love a good nosy. I’m naturally inquisitive so gaining a tiny insight into other people’s thoughts, lives and perspectives genuinely fascinates me.

I find that these types of posts make for great coffee break reading too and it’s a good opportunity to get to know my fellow bloggers. When the lovely Sarah over at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too asked if anyone would like to take part in The Sunshine Blogger Quiz, I happily obliged. Here we go!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a hairdresser. Thinking it’d be a cool, exciting job, I was put on a two-week placement when in high school and ended up hating it! I’m an utter bookworm and always dreamed of working for a big publication as a columnist but growing up pre-internet (showing my age there) I had no idea that this could have actually been a realistic career path if I’d have gone on to study journalism! As a teenager, I genuinely thought that it was simply something that only happened in the movies. In hindsight, it’s one of my biggest regrets.

How did you meet your partner?

On Tinder. I hadn’t dabbled in the world of online dating before, and to be honest, I was ready to give it up after some ‘interesting’ dates! Adam and I started chatting before meeting up in Manchester for food. A few months later, something simply clicked and we soon became inseparable. Neither of us were looking for a serious relationship at the time yet we ended up getting married two years later!

What scares you the most?

One of my biggest fears getting to a point where I look back on my life and wish I’d have visited more countries, discovered new cultures and experienced everything that the big wide world has to offer. Oh and frogs. I have an inexplicable, paralysing fear of the little critters!

What is your must eat comfort food?

Cake! I am such a sweet tooth and cake is one of my favourite little joys in life. Lemon, chocolate, vanilla, fruit – I love them all.

When enjoying a cream scone, do you put jam or cream first?

Jam first of course – I’m not a monster!

What would you most like to receive as a gift for your birthday?

As I get older, I’m finding that my list of material wants is decreasing every year. I’d rather have more travel experiences, spend a weekend away in a new city or glamping than a physical gift. That said, I would never turn down another pair of Melissa shoes to add to my collection!

Are you a stationery lover or a technology fan?

Can I cheat and say both? As much as I love my phone and laptop, there’s something special about writing in a brand new notebook or buying pretty, coordinating stationery. I have a bad habit of spending far too much money in Paperchase on pens, notepads and postcards.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

When I was around 8 or 9 years old, my Dad told my little sister and I that were going for a picnic in the local park. It’s was a lovely sunny day so we all piled into my Uncles car and hit the road. Being utterly oblivious to my surroundings, we later rocked up at Camelot: an awesome medieval style theme park in Chorley. This was one of my favourite places and a huge treat given our families modest income. I have never been so excited in my life!

If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do with it?

I’d like to say it’d be something productive like finishing all of my many draft blog posts or finally paint the kitchen but in reality? I would probably spend it procrastinating on Pinterest instead!

What film can you watch time and time again and never get sick of it?

The Help is one of my all-time favourite movies. I love the cast, the storyline and the outcome. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend giving it a go.

Thank you for reading! Now the idea of this quiz is to pass the baton over and nominate other bloggers, however, my mission was a failure when my crowdsourcing efforts proved fruitless!*cue tumbleweeds* Maybe next time, eh? 😉

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    • Lisa | That British Betty Blog 23rd February 2017 / 10:39 am

      Thank you for letting me be a part of it lovely. I’m glad to hear that you’re a ‘jam before cream’ kind of lady too 🙂

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