Why Spring Is My Favourite Season

Why Spring Is My Favourite Season

So, today officially marks the first day of Spring 2017 in the UK! (Judging from the weather here in grey, gloomy Lancashire right now, we don’t seem to have had the memo yet…)

As much I enjoy summer holidays, all things pumpkin spice flavoured (so basic, I know) and twinkly Christmas lights, spring is hands down my all time favourite season. Here are just a few reasons why!


Although I was raised in a Christian household, I’m not particularly religious myself. Therefore, Easter weekend means that for us, eating far too much chocolate for breakfast is totally allowed, we get a four-day Bank Holiday off work to catch up with friends and indulge in some serious Good Friday drinking!

Eating Better

In complete contrast to above statement, healthier food generally seems to look a lot more appealing. Salads are back on the menu and we swap our stodgy porridge breakfasts and fry ups for smoothies, yoghurts and OJ.

Pretty Dresses

For around eight months of the year, my wardrobe consists of black jumpers and skinny jeans (this is barely an exaggeration). However, come the warmer months, I can finally put my vast collection of vintage dresses and open toe shoes to good use. Hello pastels, florals and polka dots!

Picnics In The Park

We are lucky enough to live in a rather beautiful part of England, filled with stunning parks and rolling green hills. One of my favourite things to do after work is to pack a simple picnic, grab the family and enjoy the last of the evening sunshine catching up on the grass over sausage rolls and strawberries.

Farm Animals

This is the time of year when the chicks hatch, lambs arrive and baby bunnies are bouncing around! When the girls were younger, we enjoyed nothing more than a trip to our local farm to cuddle and fawn over said creatures. I’d personally love to back this year but fear that it may be slightly odd minus the kids (they’re far too cool for that jazz these days).

My Social Life

During winter, I am notoriously miserable. I genuinely hate it and spend the entire time wrapped up in as many layers as possible at home, sulking and eating rubbish. Once the sun comes out, beer gardens, BBQs and weekend get togethers are the order of the day!

Lighter Mornings and Nights

I am night owl by nature, however, waking up for work at 6am is a hell of a lot easier when rays of sunshine are beaming through the bedroom curtains. Leaving the office in the evenings and still having a few hours of daylight to enjoy is also a big perk of spring!


Spring brings with it many birthdays in our household, including my mums, sisters, eldest daughters, husbands and mine! Yes, I am biased and a complete ‘birthday person’ so this is another reason to look forward to April – June in particular! Bring on the cake…


As nature begins to come back to life, seeing rows of tulips, daffodils, bluebells and cherry blossom trees puts a smile on my face every time. The vibrant colours and fresh smells are a sure-fire sign that better weather is coming!

That British Betty Blog Why Spring Is My Favourite Season
That British Betty Blog Why Spring Is My Favourite Season That British Betty Blog

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