Family Board Game Night With Teenagers

Family Board Game Night With Teenagers

It’s been well documented on here that we’re a family of board game fanatics; the four of us regularly spend our evenings playing games and unleashing our competitive sides (some more than others!).

Recently, I received several brand new games to add to our ever-growing collection. It can be difficult to find games that suit teenagers; some tend to get ‘boring’ after half an hour (sorry Scrabble, I’m looking at you) whereas others are aimed at a much younger audience.

Game of Things

Game of Things* is one of the latest additions and managed to keep us entertained for a good three hours!

In a very brief nutshell, the Game Cards have several prompts on them such as ‘Things you shouldn’t put in your mouth’ (this got some interesting replies that I can’t disclose here – use your imagination!) and ‘Things you wish you could predict’ and players then have to try to guess which player wrote which response.

You can be as serious or daft as you like with this game. Given that we all have a rather dry sense of humour, it was actually difficult to try and decipher who had answered with what!

In the end, Adam was the victorious winner and it’s definitely a game that we’ll be playing again soon. It is recommended for player ages 14 upwards but I’d say that it can be played with younger ones too if you discreetly edit the card selection beforehand.

I’ll also be taking this game along to my sister’s hen party and fully expect a very different calibre of responses from an adult-only audience! You can buy Game of Things here.

Game of Things Review That British Betty Blog


Accentuate is another new arrival and, as you may have already guessed from the name, is all about accents!

This is something that I was a little apprehensive about at first, given my awful ability to mimic accents. I mean, I can do a mean Manchester/Lancashire twang (aka my native accent) but that’s about it really. My Welsh husband, Adam, on the other hand, is brilliant at impersonating different dialects and was keen to try this game out as soon as it arrived.

Accentuate features 30 national and regional accents, from Japanese, Egyptian and French to Scouse, Manc and Cockney. A simple concept, players take a classic quote from a Quotation Card and read it in the accent printed on the Accent Card selected. The more difficult the accent, the more points you’ll bag!

It’s safe to say that mine contribution was a rather pitiful effort, apart from the fairly simple, stereotypical ones but I was pretty good at guessing them. This would make for a fun party game after a few glasses of vino!

Accentuate Review That British Betty Blog

Top Trumps

We have an array of Top Trumps* cards, ranging from cat ones (naturally) to classic football players. I always pop a pack in my luggage when we’re travelling as I find Top Trumps really can be played anywhere which is a bit of a lifesaver when stuck on a long flight or train journey (often with no internet access – a teen’s worst nightmare, huh?).

The Retro Football ones are Lucie and Adam’s favourites and they happily reeled off the facts. I also learnt a lot whilst playing this as my own knowledge of football/football players is pretty appalling!

Top Trumps TMNT Cats Breaking Bad Football Class of 92 Review That British Betty Blog

Game of Thrones Monopoly

We received this as a Christmas gift last year and it was a welcome addition to our existing Monolopy collection (we already have CatOPoly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the classic versions. Are you seeing a theme yet?).

This game features fan favourite spots such as Kings Landing, Casterly Rock and more, while the Valar Morghlis and The Iron Throne cards are all adapted to the show. E.g ‘You have been named hand of the king. Travel to King’s landing. If you pass GO, collect £200’.

Whilst it’s a long game, there’s no denying that Monopoly is a classic for everyone to enjoy and I currently have my eye on the Stranger Things edition that I spotted in Waterstones recently.

What are your favourite family board games?

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