Getting Cosy With Date Night Subscription Boxes

Getting Cosy With Date Night Subscription Boxes

When Adam and I got married last year, we promised to treat ourselves to at least two date nights a month.

Initially, this started off okay, but after a while, our ambitious notion had soon become a distant memory. As a lot of couples with children may know, finding some quality time alone is hard! Really hard. Although my daughters are both teenagers, my youngest still can’t be left alone for very long and most evenings, they have at least one or two friends over until late.

Let’s face facts; a house full of noisy, boisterous teenagers doesn’t really set the mood now, does it? Babysitters are almost as rare as unicorn poop, which leaves our options pretty limited.

When Date Night offered us the chance to review one of their subscription boxes, the timing could not have been better! With our very first Valentines Day as Mr & Mrs Valentine just around the corner, I jumped at the opportunity to inject some precious ‘us’ time back into our relationship.

Now Adam and I occasionally try to create our own little date nights at home. We buy nice food, put on a movie and open a bottle of red. Given that we both have demanding schedules and work full-time, this usually ends up with us falling into an exhausted heap on the sofa and snoozing before the credits roll. Not very romantic!

To sum it up, Date Night is a subscription service with a difference. They offer luxurious, fun experiences for couples, right in your own home! These guys put together an inventive, carefully-crafted Date Night theme every month; you get a nice surprise and they do all of the hard work, meaning that you don’t have to.

Date Night Box Review That British Betty Blog

On Wednesday evening, I told the kids that there would be no house guests welcome and that Adam and I would be taking over the living room for a few hours. The Date Night box was beautifully put together and the packaging was actually much more luxe than expected.

The theme for February was ‘Valentines Olympics’. Our friends and family will know that we regularly host a Games Night at home and Adam is renowned for being incredibly competitive. Recently, I won a game of ‘Cluedo’ for the first time ever and he may have spent a day or two sulking over this defeat.

So, back to the box! It contained a Raspberry and White Chocolate pancake mix, a personalised greeting and instructions, various games, chocolates, a Date Night medal for the victorious winner and a Mystery Prize envelope.

Get Date Night Subcription Box Review That British Betty Blog

I cooked the pancakes as we prepared our Valentines Olympics. I say cooked; I somehow managed to incinerate the first batch! These went in the bin and I tried again. The next lot of pancakes didn’t look very appetising (due to my embarrassingly poor cooking skills) but they tasted pretty good. Adam took one look at my initial efforts and suddenly decided that he wasn’t very hungry after all. Good start Lisa!

We lit some candles, got cosy on the sofa and unpacked the rest of our box. The team over at Date Night also provide their subscribers with the link to a bespoke Spotify playlist to suit the monthly theme. I’ll be honest; this was a little bit hit and miss, with songs like Rhianna’s ‘Take A Bow’ and Beyonce’s ‘Irreplaceable’ not really suited to the occasion at hand. It did, however, feature the Stevie Wonder song that Adam and I enjoyed our wedding dance to and order was quickly restored.

Round One: Is It After 8?

This involved balancing a chocolate disc on our respective foreheads, rolling it down the face and into our mouths, using only facial movements. Sounds easy, huh? Not so much. I failed, miserably!

Winner: Adam

Feb Date Night Box Review That British Betty Blog

Round Two: Knowing Me, Knowing You

With a sheet of 23 questions such as ‘Favourite Meal At Home’ and ‘My Most Embarrassing Moment’ to fill in, we then had to ask the other person what they thought the answer was and score them accordingly. Adam did much better than me (my memory is appalling) and we enjoyed a few giggles along the way.

Winner: Adam

Round Three: Who Am I?

We each had a card with five famous people on it and had to try and guess who they were based on descriptions given by the other person. Adam thought that Sleeping Beuty had seven dwarves and had no idea who Frankie Dettori is so I had a distinct advantage this time!

Winner: Lisa

That British Betty Blog Date Night Box Review

Round Four: Skittles

I am rubbish at bowling so this game was pretty predictable! It was extremely entertaining though and we’d made such a racket that my eldest daughter crept downstairs to investigate. It was at this point that Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ cropped up on the playlist, making the whole thing a little bit awkward for everyone! The pet teenager declared: ‘Eww, gross!’ and headed back to her room, but not before ‘hilariously’ putting a picture of our game on Snapchat. The joys of modern parenting right there…

Winner: Adam

Round Five: Truth Or Dare

Based on popular wooden stacking game, this had numbered stickers randomly placed on blocks. Each number represented a question/challenge to complete. We only ended up picking out plain blocks, until Adam lost by tumbling the tower, so didn’t actually get to answer any of the questions this time.

Winner: Lisa

In the end, I scored 10 points less than Adam, making him the ultimate winner. I reluctantly handed Adam his medal and Mystery Envelope, which contained a Certificate Of Excellence and he gracefully accepted gloated the entire time. After a stressful few months, our Date Night was a refreshing change and we properly laughed together for the first time in a while.

I was sent this box for review purposes, however, I’m now considering making it a regular treat. The Date Night subscription service costs £39.95 each month and you can cancel at any time. This may seem a little expensive, but it’s actually cheaper than going for a nice meal and the same price as cinema trip with drinks and snacks. Plus the convenience of having a ready made Date Night delivered to the door every month with no effort or planning is rather appealing.

Have you experienced a Date Night yet?

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  1. Lisa | That British Betty Blog 3rd May 2017 / 2:57 pm

    You’ve hit the nail on the head there. With kids, work and such, we seem to have gotten rather lazy and date nights are at the bottom of the priority list. After a long day, the last thing we can be bothered with is getting dressed up, going out etc. I also find myself nodding off the sofa far too often these days!

    I thought the same regarding the cost but then realised that a night at the cinema costs around the same these days! (FYI, when did that happen? I swear it was a fiver a ticket last time I went haha) The only danger is that games usually end up in one of us sulking afterwards….

    The box is not something that we can justify very often but is certainly fun for special occasions or even as a gift for another couples anniversary, when they have a new baby etc 🙂
    Lisa | That British Betty Blog recently posted…The Crystal Maze Experience Comes To Manchester!My Profile

  2. Maxine 3rd May 2017 / 12:27 pm

    It did sound a bit pricey at first but it looks like you actually get loads in a box. We love games night too but we’re so competitive and then I get arsey when somebody cheats! It’s so easy to not make an effort once you’re married with kids, work etc. They kinda take over your life and next thing you know you’ve been asleep on the sofa for two hours. In fact that was me last night haha. Making the effort is sometimes an effort in itself so I like this idea of the subscription box as it plans the night out for you. x
    Maxine recently posted…How To Add Character To A New Build PropertyMy Profile

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